MELBOURNE has broken the 40,000 membership mark for the first time in the club’s history and is now aiming to keep its membership growing.

The club is absolutely delighted with its supporters for signing up and committing as members.  

Co-captains Nathan Jones and Jack Viney thanked all 40,000 Melbourne supporters for signing up as 2017 members.

“We really want to thank all our members and supporters for helping us hit 40,000,” Viney told  

“We want to acknowledge the fact that we have hit the milestone that we have been talking about for a long time.  

“It’s a great achievement by our supporters, but we know there is still more to go.”

Jones added: “The club is rapt to have hit this mark and know how passionate our members are with so many of them sticking by us for so long.”  

“In saying that, there are still a lot of people out there who are passionate Melbourne fans who we’d love to have on board as members.

“We don’t want to stop now, we want to keep growing and push past 40,000 members.”

Manager of consumer business and engagement Jane McGough said “40,000 has been a target for some time now and it’s extremely pleasing to have reached it”.

“Our supporters convert to members at one of the highest rates in the league, showing what a passionate bunch they are, and we are so thankful for their ongoing support,” she said.

“It doesn’t stop here though, we want to push well beyond this mark in 2017. There are still over 4,000 members from 2016 that are yet to renew, along with lapsed members from previous seasons and supporters that might be interested in joining as members. 

“With a wide range of packages available and seven home games and a replacement game remaining for the season at the MCG, there is still a lot of value in purchasing for 2017.”

New Balance is offering a $75 New Balance voucher to the first 1000 members who sign up before May 19. 

There is still plenty of value in 2017 memberships with seven home games and one replacement home game at the MCG still to go.

You can join for 2017 at or call 1300 336 667.