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Who Are We?

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Why Work for the Melbourne Football Club?

Join the team and find a rewarding career at the Melbourne Football Club

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Our Purpose

The Melbourne Football Club journey started 162 years ago when we wrote the rules of the game and then became the inaugural VFA/VFL/AFL Club and still carries the distinction of being the oldest professional sporting club in the world.

Our purpose is to be a club where our people feel proud to belong. Our vision for the Melbourne Football Club is to re-ignite the Demon Spirit and deliver premiership success. We will deliver the sustained success by having the best people in every position, both on and off the field.

Our people will thrive within a club that is committed to a standard of excellence and supported by a culture of wellbeing and balance. Our people will be inspired to reach their full potential by surrounding them with the best facilities, technology, and expertise available in Australian sport.


Our Values


Trust is the element that turns our great people into a great team. Trust in our game plan turns our ambitions into our success.


Respect each other.
Respect the jumper.
Respect our history.
Respect our supporters.
Respect the game.


Our success and strength as a club comes from our ability to stay united. In times of celebration and hardship, united we stand.


Excellence is our mindset and habit that pushes us every day to find a better way. Excellence is the only standard that allows us to compete and win within the AFL.