The Team of the Century was announced in front of an audience of 1400 at a gala dinner held at Palladium at Crown on 24 June 2000, honouring the greats of the previous hundred years of the Melbourne Football Club.

Selectors undertook months of research to narrow down the names, with much discussion involved. While there were naturally more candidates than could fit easily in a team, the nominees and selected alike were recognised throughout the evening.

It was the best of the red and blue community, with generations of the club mingling and sharing stories. From Percy Beames in the 1930s, to Stuart Spencer, John Beckwith, Ron Barassi and Hassa Mann in the 1950s and 1960s; from Gary Hardeman and Robert Flower in the 1970s and 1980s, through to Jim Stynes and Todd Viney into the 1990s, the greats were gathered in one space.

Ron Barassi caught the mood of many selected, calling it ‘one of the thrills of my life’, while the Supporter of the Century – club stalwart Dudley Phillips – led the Team in song and celebration.

Selectors of the Team of the Century came from a diverse but Melbourne supporting background. They were Percy Beames (former player and journalist), Lynda Carroll (club historian), Bill Guest (MFC Director), Greg Hobbs (journalist), John Mitchell (former MFC/MCC President), Linda Pearce (journalist), Dudley Phillips (supporter), Stephen Phillips (media consultant), Mike Sheahan (journalist) and CEO John Anderson as non-voting chairman.