Club honours

VFL/AFL Premierships

1900, 1926, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1948, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1960, 1964, 2021

AFLW Premierships

2022 (Season 7)

Read more about our Premiership years here

VFL/AFL Grand Final runners-up

1946, 1954, 1958, 1988, 2000

AFLW Grand Final runners-up

2022 (Season 6)

Pre-Season/Night Premierships

1971, 1987, 1989

Reserves Premierships

1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1939, 1949, 1956, 1969, 1970, 1984, 1993

Under 19 Premierships

1947, 1953, 1964, 1971, 1981, 1983

McClelland Trophy

1955, 1956, 1958, 1990, 2021

The McClelland Trophy has been awarded since 1951 to the best-performing club across the season. From 1951 to 1991, the trophy was presented to the side with the best combined record across the senior, reserves and under 19 leagues. Since 1991, the trophy has been awarded to the side on top of the ladder at the end of the senior home and away season.

A list of  all of Melbourne's Minor Premierships at senior VFL/AFL level is available below:

VFL/AFL Minor Premierships

1939, 1940, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1964, 2021

Individual honours - AFL and AFLW

Brownlow Medallists

1926: Ivor Warne-Smith

1928: Ivor Warne-Smith

1946: Don Cordner

1982: Brian Wilson

1984: Peter Moore

1991: Jim Stynes

2000: Shane Woewodin

Read more about each of our Brownlow Medallists here

Norm Smith Medal

2021: Christian Petracca

Coleman Medal/League Leading Goalkickers


1897: Jack Leith (22 goals)

1904: Vin Coutie (39 goals)

1911: Harry Brereton (46 goals)

1912: Harry Brereton (56 goals)

1943: Fred Fanning (62 goals)

1944: Fred Fanning (87 goals)

1945: Fred Fanning (67 goals)

1947: Fred Fanning (97 goals)

2002: David Neitz (75 goals)

All-Australian team (since 1991)


1991: Jim Stynes

1993: Garry Lyon, Jim Stynes

1994: Garry Lyon, Stephen Tingay

1995: Garry Lyon, David Neitz

1998: Todd Viney

2000: Jeff Farmer

2002: David Neitz, Adem Yze

2004: Jeff White

2006: James McDonald

2010: James Frawley, Mark Jamar

2016: Max Gawn

2017: Michael Hibberd

2018: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver

2019: Max Gawn

2020: Max Gawn, Christian Petracca

2021: Max Gawn (captain), Jake Lever, Steven May, Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca

2022: Steven May, Clayton Oliver, Max Gawn, Christian Petracca


2017: Elise O'Dea, Karen Paxman, Daisy Pearce (captain)

2018: Meg Downie, Elise O'Dea, Karen Paxman, Daisy Pearce (captain)

2019: Karen Paxman, Lauren Pearce

2020: Libby Birch, Kate Hore, Karen Paxman (captain)

2021: Karen Paxman

2022 (Season 6): Libby Birch, Lauren Pearce, Daisy Pearce, Tayla Harris

2022 (Season 7): Kate Hore, Olivia Purcell

2020 All Australians Karen Paxman and Kate Hore (Photo: Michael Willson)

Rising Star award winners


2004: Jared Rivers

2015: Jesse Hogan

2021: Luke Jackson


2021: Tyla Hanks

AFL Leigh Matthews Trophy (AFL Players Association MVP)

1991: Jim Stynes

AFL Coaches Association Player of the Year Award

2018: Max Gawn

2021: Clayton Oliver

AFLPA 22under22 Team


2012: Jeremy Howe

2015: Jesse Hogan

2016: Christian Petracca, Jesse Hogan, Jack Viney

2017: Jayden Hunt, Clayton Oliver

2018: Angus Brayshaw, Christian Petracca (vice-captain), Clayton Oliver

2019: Clayton Oliver

2021: Luke Jackson, Kysaiah Pickett, Trent Rivers

2022: Luke Jackson, Kysaiah Pickett


2017-2019: Kate Hore (the AFLPA retrospectively awarded a combined team for the first three seasons of the AFLW)

2020: Libby Birch, Kate Hore, Eden Zanker

2021: Tyla Hanks, Eden Zanker

2022 (Season 6): Tyla Hanks, Shelley Heath

Mark of the Year


1995: Shaun Smith (R22: Brisbane v Melbourne, Gabba)

2007: Michael Newton (R17: Melbourne v North Melbourne, Docklands)

2010: Liam Jurrah (R21: Port Adelaide v Melbourne, Football Park)

2012: Jeremy Howe (R8: Sydney v Melbourne, SCG)

Goal of the Year


1998: Jeff Farmer


2018: Aliesha Newman

2020: Kate Hore

Club records - VFL/AFL and AFLW

Most games played


David Neitz (306 matches, 1993-2008)

David Neitz runs out for game 300 in 2007 against Collingwood (Photo: AFL Photos)


Karen Paxman (64 games, 2017-)

Most goals


David Neitz (631 goals, 1993-2008)


Kate Hore (53 goals, 2018)

Most games as coach


Norm Smith (310 matches, 1952-1967)


Mick Stinear (64 games, 2017-)

Most Best and Fairest awards

VFL/AFL - Keith 'Bluey' Truscott Memorial Trophy

Allan La Fontaine (4 awards - 1935, 1936, 1941, 1942)

Jim Stynes (4 awards - 1991, 1995, 1996, 1997)

Clayton Oliver (4 awards - 2017, 2019, 2021, 2022)

AFLW Best and Fairest Award

Daisy Pearce (3 awards - 2017, 2018, 2022)

Highest score in a match


182 points (R21, 1986: Melbourne v North Melbourne, MCG; R5, 1991: Melbourne v North Melbourne, MCG)


107 points (R9, 2022: Fremantle v Melbourne, Optus Stadium)

Record attendances


Home + Away: 99,346 at the MCG (R10, 1958: Melbourne v Collingwood)

Finals: 115,802 at the MCG (GF, 1956: Melbourne v Collingwood)


Home + Away: 21,528 at Marvel Stadium (R4, 2020: Collingwood v Melbourne)

Representative Honours

The following players have been selected for representative honours in State of Origin or International Rules football. Includes players selected for All-Stars and Allies teams

State of Origin representatives (since 1977)


1977: Robert Flower (Vic), Greg Wells (Vic)

1978: Henry Coles (Vic), Robert Flower (Vic), Greg Wells (Vic)

1979: Robert Flower (Vic), Greg Wells (Vic)

1980: Robert Flower (Vic).

1982: Robert Flower (Vic), Gerard Healy (Vic), Alan Johnson (WA), Brian Wilson (Vic)

1983: Robert Flower (Vic), Stephen Icke (Vic), Alan Johnson (WA), Brian Wilson (Vic)

1984: Gerard Healy (Vic), Stephen Icke (Vic)

1985: Gerard Healy (Vic)

1986: Danny Hughes (SA)

1988: Warren Dean (WA), Alan Johnson (WA), Brett Lovett (Vic), Garry Lyon (Vic), Stephen O’Dwyer (Vic), Earl Spalding (WA), Stephen Stretch (SA), Jim Stynes (Vic), Sean Wight (Vic), Brian Wilson (Vic)

1989: Greg Healy (Vic), Stephen Febey (Tas), Danny Hughes (SA), Brett Lovett (Vic), Garry Lyon (Vic), Stephen Newport (Vic), Earl Spalding (WA), Stephen Stretch (SA), Jim Stynes (Vic)

1990: Darren Bennett (WA), Stephen Febey (Vic), Brett Lovett (Vic), Garry Lyon (Vic), Earl Spalding (WA), Earl Spalding (WA), Jim Stynes (Vic)

1991: Allen Jakovich (WA), Andy Lovell (Tas), Brett Lovett (Vic), Garry Lyon (Vic), Earl Spalding (WA), Jim Stynes (Vic), Todd Viney (SA)

1992: Garry Lyon (Vic), Andrew Obst (SA), Jim Stynes (Vic)

1993: Matthew Febey (Tas), Stephen Febey (Tas), Allen Jakovich (WA), Andy Lovell (Tas), Glenn Lovett (Vic), Garry Lyon (Vic), Andrew Obst (SA), Jim Stynes (Vic)

1994: Garry Lyon (Vic), David Neitz (Vic), Jim Stynes (Vic), Stephen Tingay (Vic), Todd Viney (SA)

1995: Matthew Febey (Allies), Stephen Febey (Allies), Garry Lyon (Vic), David Neitz (Vic), Marcus Seecamp (WA), Jim Stynes (Vic), Todd Viney (SA)

1996: Matthew Febey (Allies)

1997: Todd Viney (SA)

1998: Jeff Farmer (WA), Matthew Febey (Allies), Jeff White (WA), Shane Woewodin (WA)

2020: Neville Jetta (All-Stars)


2017: Mel Hickey (Vic), Bianca Jakobsson (Allies), Lily Mithen (Vic), Elise O'Dea (Allies), Karen Paxman (Vic), Daisy Pearce (Vic - captain)

International Rules representatives (since 1998)

1998 in Ireland: Jeff Farmer, David Neitz, Jim Stynes, Todd Viney

2000 in Ireland: Shane Woewodin, Adem Yze

2002 in Ireland: Cameron Bruce, Adem Yze

2003 in Australia: Clint Bizzell

2004 in Ireland: Cameron Bruce, Brad Green

2005 in Australia: Aaron Davey, Brent Moloney, Russell Robertson

2006 in Ireland: Aaron Davey, James McDonald

2010 in Ireland: James Frawley, Brad Green

2011 in Australia: James Frawley, Brad Green (captain), Colin Sylvia, Jack Trengove

2013 in Ireland: Aaron Davey, Dom Barry

2017 in Australia: Michael Hibberd, Neville Jetta

Other Awards

Gardiner Medal (1926 - 1999)

The Gardiner Medal was awarded between 1926 and 1999 to the best and fairest player in the VFL/AFL reserves league.

1928: Norman Driver

1935: Joe Kinnear

1943: Ernie Hart

1956: Graham Kerr

1968: Phil Rhoden

1969: Ken Emselle

1970: Paul Callery

1971: Bruce Brown

1975: Neil Chamberlain

1990: Rod Keogh

1993: Rod Keogh

Morrish Medal (1947 - 1991)

The Morrish Medal was previously awarded to the best and fairest player in the VFL Under 19 competition (previously the VFL Thirds prior to 1959).

The Medal continues to be awarded to this day, now going to the best player in the Victorian U18 NAB League. Matthew Bate (2004) and Clayton Oliver (2015) won the award prior to being drafted by Melbourne. 

Below are the players who won the award representing Melbourne's Under 19s between 1947 to 1991.

1948: Ray Harvey

1961: Terry Johnston

1968: Paul Callery

1974: Phillip Friedman

1981: Adrian Battiston

1982: Les Bamblett

1983: Greg Healy

J.J. Liston Trophy - VFL Best and Fairest

The below includes players who have won the VFL J.J. Liston Trophy in the same year they were on Melbourne's AFL list. A list of Springvale/Casey winners can be found here

2005: Paul Johnson (playing for Sandringham)

Reserves Leading Goalkickers

1970: Kelvin Clarke (70 goals)

1971: Ray Carr (75 goals)

1975: Kim Smith (61 goals)

1976: Robert Walters (65 goals)

Under 19s Leading Goalkickers

1953: Jeff Crouch (42 goals)

1962: Barry Bourke (67 goals)

1981: David Cordner (111 goals)