Club History

Springvale FC forms (1903 – 1938)

The Springvale Football Club was formed in 1903 just after the turn of the century in the Springvale Hotel on the bullock run to Dandenong.

The Club first started playing in the Mulgrave Football Association and in 1911 the Club transferred to the Berwick District Football Association, where it won its first premiership.

The Club moved playing in 1915, from behind the Post Office in the main street to a new ground in Newcomen Road, purchased through the Springvale Recreation Ground Trust on behalf of local businessmen for the Club. 

It grew to be a very successful club as the town of Springvale flourished in the first half of the century.

With Premierships in 1920, 1921, 1930, 1932 and 1933 the Club was renowned as the premier football team in the district.

Club were Premiers in 1939 just as the Second World War was about to start, and some of the first soldiers who enlisted from Springvale came from the 1939 Premier team.

Post-World War II (1939 – 1981) 

After the Second World War, the club started to regain its level of success and transferred to the Federal League after winning the 1956 Premiership in the Caulfield Oakleigh District Football League. 

Lead by progressive committees and strong success ethic, the Club became ‘The Powerhouse’ of the Federal League. 

It had a spree of premierships in the 60’s and 70’s dominating the Federal League, and only finishing out of the finals twice in the 25 years.

Springvale joins the VFA (1982 – 1999)

In 1982 the Club entered the VFA playing in Second Division. This was the vision of a new era, and the spreading of our football roots taking on the best players the Metropolitan area of Melbourne could offer. 

After its second year in the Competition the Club defeated Brunswick, one of the traditional long serving Clubs in the VFA and won the 1983 Premiership. 

The Club entered First Division in 1984 and commenced a program that followed a youth policy and developed many young players from our local south eastern suburbs around Springvale.

In 1987 it recruited Phil Maylin from Footscray and as captain/coach he took the club to its first ever VFA Premiership. The Club defeated the team always seen as the team of the VFA “Pt Melbourne” in the 1987 Grand Final. The Club continued to be a consistent finals campaigner since 1987.

In the 90’s the VFA underwent consolidation with a number of clubs leaving the competition. 

Another youth policy was adopted in the early nineties, and by 1995 the side had developed into an outstanding combination that went throughout the 1995 season losing only one game and taking the 1995 Premiership in both seniors and reserves. 

It repeated that performance by winning the 1996 premiership, and again in 1998 and 1999 repeating the back to back double to finish the millennium. 

The new millennium and move to Casey (2000 – 2008)

The year 2000 saw AFL reserves sides absorbed into the VFL competition, with Springvale initially entering as a stand-alone Club.

In 2001, Springvale aligned with the St Kilda Football Club which from 2001 until 2008.

During this time, Springvale began to outgrow their Newcomen Road base and played at several venues, including Waverley Park, Moorabbin and Dandenong. 

To assure the future of the club, Springvale came to an arrangement with the City of Casey in 2005, which saw it transfer to the newly-developed Casey Fields, a $30 million, 70-hectare, multi-sports complex in Cranbourne East.

The club took on the name of the Casey Scorpions for the 2006 season following the move.

Casey align with Melbourne FC (2009 – 2020) 

From 2009, Melbourne and St Kilda switched their VFL aligned teams. Melbourne partnered with Casey, and St Kilda and Sandringham joined. 

The partnership saw Melbourne take on an increased presence in the Casey region, hosting AFL pre-season matches, AFLW Premiership matches and training sessions at Casey Fields. Casey Fields is also the home of the Melbourne Academy. 

Off the field, and for several years, Melbourne and the City of Casey have delivered community partnerships/functions in schools, businesses and sporting clubs at an estimated value of more than $2.3 million per year. 

In the lead-up to the 2017 season, Casey Scorpions became the Casey Demons to further strengthen its ties with Melbourne.

For Casey, the Melbourne partnership would prove successful on-field, claiming the VFL Minor Premiership in 2012 and 2016. They also played off in the Grand Final in 2016 and 2018, going down to Footscray and Box Hill respectively. 

The 2018 season also saw the Casey Demons, previously Cranbourne, enter a side in the VFL Women’s competition. Damien Keeping was the VFLW side's inaugural coach, taking charge during the 2018 and 2019 seasons. 

Casey had high hopes heading into 2020, however the VFL and VFLW competitions ultimately would not go ahead due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it's impact on Victoria.

COVID-19 would have an impact on all levels of football, with the AFL proceeding largely outside of Victoria. 

VFL and VFLW revamped (2021 - present)

2021 will be a new era of sorts for second-tier Aussie Rules competitions.

The VFL will merge with the North-East Australian Football League to create a 22-team reserves league which will feature teams from Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

The VFLW has also been tweaked, being moved forward to a February start to align with the AFLW season. Peter Mercoulia - an assistant coach with Melbourne - was appointed as Casey's coach for the 2021 VFLW season.

Honour Board

Springvale/Casey Football Club Premierships

VFA/VFL Premierships

Springvale 14. 16 (100) def. Port Melbourne 7. 20 (62)
Saturday, 20 September.
Junction Oval.

Springvale 14. 10 (94) def. Sandringham 6. 15 (51)
Sunday, 24 September
Victoria Park

Springvale 11. 7 (73) def. Frankston 10. 10 (70)
Sunday, 22 September
Princes Park

Springvale 11. 17 (83) def. Werribee 5. 15 (45)
Sunday, 20 September
North Port Oval

Springvale 19. 11 (125) def. North Ballarat 9. 11 (65)
Sunday, 19 September
North Port Oval

VFA Division Two Premierships

Springvale 17. 9 (111) def. Brunswick 13. 16 (94)
Sunday, 11 September
Toorak Park

Premierships won prior to VFA entry in 1982

Federal Football League
1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1975, 1977

Caulfield-Oakleigh and Districts Football League

Berwick and District Football League
1911, 1920, 1921, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1939

VFA/VFL Individual Honours

JJ Liston Medallists - VFA/VFL Best & Fairest Player

Stuart Nicol (1990), David Robbins (2000)

Jim 'Frosty' Miller Medallists - VFA/VFL Leading Goalkicker

Shayne Smith (1997), Shayne Smith (1998)

Norm Goss Memorial Medal - Best on Ground in VFA/VFL Grand Final

Daryl Vernon (1987), Martin Mellody (1995), Kain Taylor (1996), Ben Delarue (1998), Daniel Donati (1999)

Fothergill–Round Medal - VFA/VFL Best Young Player

Andrew Shipp (1998), Mark Passador (1999), Bayley Fritsch (2017)

Club VFA/VFL games record holder

Damian Carroll - 233 games (1992 - 2004)

Club VFA/VFL goals record holder

Shayne Smith - 470 goals

VFA/VFL Honour Board

Season Captain Coach Best & Fairest
1982 P Pinnell P Pinnell T Carroll
1983* L Fowler L Fowler G Dempster
1984 L Fowler L Fowler G Dempster
1985 G Anderson L Fowler P Malone
1986 D Vernon P Fryer P Malone
1987* P Maylin P Maylin P Dudley
1988 P Maylin P Maylin G Dempster
1989 P Maylin P Maylin S Clark
1990 G Meade P Maylin S Clark
1991 G Dempster P Maylin P Maylin
1992 R Morgan B Sheehy P Scurrah & S Clark
1993 R Morgan B Sheehy D Knight
1994 D Knight B Sheehy J Caples
1995* D Knight M Ford J Caples
1996* K Taylor B Gotch S Clark
1997 K Taylor B Gotch D Knight
1998* K Taylor P Nicholson A Little
1999* K Taylor P Nicholson A Little
2000 J Caples P Nicholson P O'Brien
2001 J Caples P Nicholson S Harrison
2002 J Caples K Sheldon D Carroll
2003 S. Harrison G. Fitzgerald S. Harrison
2004 S. Harrison G. Wright S. Harrison
2005 S. Harrison P. Banfield S. Harrison
2006 S. Harrison P. Banfield D. Biagi
2007 N. Carmody P. Banfield S. Harrison
2008 K. Matthews G. Hutchison J. Wall
2009 K. Matthews P. German J. Wall
2010 K. Matthews B. Gotch B Miller
2011 K. Matthews/ J. Wall B Gotch T. Mohr
2012 K. Matthews/ E. Panozza B. Lovett T. Couch
2013 E. Panozza R. Welsh J. Hogan
2014 E. Panozza R. Welsh M. Gawn
2015 E. Panozza J. Plapp A. Riley
2016 J. Hutchins J. Plapp J. Hutchins
2017 J. Hutchins J. Plapp J. Trengove
2018 J. Hutchins J. Rawlings C. Wagner
2019 M. White J. Rawlings/S. Radford J. Munro
2020 Season not played - -
2021 M. White M. Corrigan J. Munro
2022 M. White M. Corrigan  


*indicates Premiership year

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, no VFL matches were played in 2020. In 2021, Casey played nine VFL games and qualified for Finals, however the season was cancelled before Finals could take place.

VFLW Honour Board

Season Captain Coach Best & Fairest
2018 H. Cordner/ A. Harrison D. Keeping M. Shevlin
2019 H. Cordner/ B. Jakobsson/ N. Garner D. Keeping H. Cordner
2020 Season not played - -
2021 S. Johnson P. Mercoulia E. West
2022 S. Johnson P. Mercoulia  


No VFLW matches were played in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.