AFTER an eight-year stint as President of the Melbourne Football Club, Glen Bartlett has decided to stand down from his position, handing the reins to current Vice-President, Kate Roffey.

Bartlett made the announcement at the President’s Club function prior to the Dees’ Round 4 victory over Geelong, with Roffey taking charge effective immediately.

The club’s first female President, who is the Director of Deals, Investments and Major Projects at Wyndham City, is well positioned to accept the increased responsibilities after seven years of work on the board.

Roffey has had a wealth of experience in her professional career, with a background as CEO of the Committee of Melbourne, CEO of Vicsport, and Manager of the Melbourne Park Redevelopment for Tennis Australia.

Her sporting profile is equally as impressive, as she was formerly a Biomechanist at the Australian Institute of Sport, and an athlete as a volleyballer and rower.

While Roffey’s appointment will bring an exciting new flair to the club, it’s always an emotional time seeing a great Melbourne person depart.

“It’s been a true privilege to be only the 21st President of this football club for the last eight years,” Bartlett said on Sunday afternoon. 

“It requires dedication, courage, a true understanding of governance, employment, people issues and matters.

“It’s not just a job. It’s a way of life. It’s a lifestyle choice. It’s a 24/7 career.

“And to be frank about it, I’m totally cooked.

“If I look tired, it’s because I am.

“And I need to hand the baton and let my successor and a refreshed board build on the stability, the values, the various initiatives in play.”

Bartlett has no doubt relished with the responsibility at Melbourne and is leaving the club in a strong position, while looking forward to investing more time in his personal and professional life.

“I’ll have to have a proper break, focus on some hobbies – enjoy the game which I love, with my boys, which I’ve loved since I was four or five years old,” he said.

“My approach has always been to try and act in an honourable manner with respect and care.

“Everything I’ve done and tried to do has been in the best interest of the club.

“At every juncture, I’ve not always got it right, I acknowledge that, but I’ve tried to do the right thing in the right way, in the best interests of all of our people, our members and our club.”

Bartlett received a standing ovation from Melbourne members after his final address as the President of the club.