ANGUS Brayshaw says he will relish the opportunity to play a mentoring role to the first year players on Melbourne’s pre-season camp on the Sunshine Coast.

Speaking on the first day, Brayshaw said it was a vastly different feeling this time around compared to last year, when he was in his first pre-season.  

“I was speaking to a few of the boys I was rooming with last year. I was still feeling my way around the group this time last year,” he told Dee TV.

“I was still feeling relatively new to everyone and just trying to develop those relationships – that’s what these camps are good for – just trying to build those relationships and bonding with your teammates.

“Now a year on, I feel much more part of the group and I’ve played some games and I’ve got to know the boys a lot more, so it’s going to be a lot more fun this year.”

Brayshaw said he had been working closely with No.4 NAB AFL Draft pick Clayton Oliver.

“Clayton Oliver lives with me, so I’m pretty good mates with him. I'll look to get around the first year boys and make them feel welcome,” he said.

“For first year players, it’s a hard time as it is, coming up in a really stressful environment with such high expectations and standards you’ve got to live up to.

“For the younger guys, it’s certainly what some of the [older] guys look to do by putting an arm around them and making them feel part of the group.”

“If everyone gets around everyone, it makes it a whole lot easier – that’s certainly what I found last year.”

Brayshaw said the first day of the camp was a good start, given the morning was spent travelling to the Sunshine Coast.

“It was a good little blow out. It was nice and hot up here and all of the boys got a bit of a sweat on,” he said.

“I’m sure there they’ve got some good things in store for us tomorrow (Saturday).”