THERE are many challenges associated with moving to a new country.

Commuting is one of them.

Niamh McEvoy and Sinead Goldrick, the Demons’ Irish recruits, decided purchasing a car would be their easiest option to get around Melbourne.

They were wrong.

“We were kind of cycling up and down to the club, but you know, after a pre-season session you’d be spent, so we were like, we should probably look into [getting a car],” McEvoy said on the club’s Inside Melbourne podcast.

“Lauren Pearce was really good to us as well and she was happy enough to be giving us lifts, but we just didn’t want to be putting her out of her way.”

With that in mind, the girls began looking for a car, and stumbled across the ‘Red Dragon’.

“We just kind of met one of the other Irish girls and she was like, ‘Oh my partner’s going home – he was here for the first month and he’s trying to move on the car he bought, but it’s just a banger,’” McEvoy said.

“We were like, ‘Oh we’ll take it.’

“But within like three weeks of having it, it was making like crazy squealing noises in the car park and stuff.

“All the boys would be there and they’d be like, ‘Do you Irish girls need help?’ and we were just like, ‘No, we’re OK.’”

As it turns out, those noises weren’t OK, leaving the girls stranded on their way to Casey Fields.

“We just ignored the squealing noise until the car broke down,” McEvoy said.

“So we’re back on the bike.”

Listen to the full episode of the Inside Melbourne Podcast below.

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Inside Melbourne | Niamh McEvoy and Sinead Goldrick

On Episode 3 of Inside Melbourne, Ben Gibson and Lily Mithen host Niamh McEvoy and Sinead Goldrick to see how they are settling into Melbourne. Listen out as the girls get quizzed on their Aussie Slang in Lil's Quiz.

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