THE MELBOURNE Football Club is proud to announce that the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) Foundation has become the Major Partner for the Santa Teresa Oval Project.

The Santa Teresa Oval Project is a joint venture between Melbourne and the Atyenhenge Atherre Aboriginal Corporation to re-grass a red dirt oval in the remote Indigenous community.

Melbourne has been working with the Santa Teresa community and the Northern Territory Government to ensure re-grassing the oval was not only feasible, but sustainable.

The four-year commitment by the MCC Foundation sees a significant investment made to ensure the project will be sustainable long into the future.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to create the ‘MCG of the Desert’ in partnership with the MCC Foundation, and together we’ll make a fantastic impact to the community of Santa Teresa,” Melbourne’s CEO Gary Pert told Melbourne Media.

“Re-grassing the oval is something that we are incredibly proud and passionate about as a Club.”

The MCC Foundation chair and Vice President Sally Macindoe said the aim of the partnership is to support an initiative which encourages locals to enjoy and participate in the playing of sport.

“It was an obvious fit for the MCC Foundation to partner with the Melbourne Football Club’s project to re-grass the Santa Teresa Oval,” Macindoe told Melbourne Media

“Much like the role the MCG plays in uniting the wider Australian community, our hope is that a redeveloped oval in Santa Teresa becomes the central point of connection for local communities.

“We’re so pleased to put our support behind this project and can’t wait to see the first bounce of the Sherrin at the Santa Teresa Oval in early 2020.”

In a further contribution from the MCC, the MCG curators will also provide support and guidance to the project.

Construction is under way at the oval with the all-important irrigation currently being installed. The project is on track to be completed by March 2020.

Major Partner the MCC Foundation joins other Project Partners including: Northern Territory Government, HR Products, Hunter and AFL NT.

You can find out more or donate to Santa Teresa Oval Project here.