MELBOURNE’S long-awaited premiership cup has made one of its most important stops yet - visiting Des Bell, the club’s oldest living past player.

At 98 years of age, Bell has remained a die-hard Demon since his days in the red and blue guernsey in 1946/47.

Saturday’s visit was made extra-unique with the cup delivered by premiership player Angus Brayshaw.

Despite a 73-year age gap, Bell and Brayshaw bonded over their red and blue history, with the wife of Des’ step-grandson expressing her gratitude for the memorable day with the cup.

“We had the great pleasure of taking Des to meet Angus and the cup on Saturday,” she told Melbourne Media.

“Angus was utterly delightful with Des and was gracious and generous with his time.”

Like many fans, Bell started the year extremely hopeful of getting the chance to see the club reach premiership success after a trying 57 years.

Undergoing heart surgery earlier in the year, Bell made sure to voice this hope to his surgeon.

“Get my heart to last long enough to see a Melbourne premiership,” Bell said.  

A few months later, the lifelong Demon joined the thousands of other Melbourne supporters in breathing a sigh of relief when the final siren sounded on Grand Final Day and the club were Premiers once again after nearly six decades.