THERE were plenty of talking points to come from Melbourne’s nine-point win over the Swans on Saturday night.

Review what Simon Goodwin, Max Gawn, Ben Brown, Steven May and Christian Petracca had to say in the media below.

Simon Goodwin – 3AW

On the support of the Melbourne faithful:

“Something that we spoke about leading into the game was what our supporters are feeling at the moment and how proud they are to be back supporting Melbourne, and in a way that’s really passionate.

“It’s really about the actions that are providing that.

“It brings great joy to the players and everyone involved in the footy club to see people really proud of their team once again.”

Max Gawn – Triple M

On the self-belief in the group:

“Winning only aids that.

“You believe that it’s all going well, you believe the game plan that we’ve got, the maturity that’s growing – winning helps that.

“But once again, you’ve got to stay floored and we’ve got Carlton next week … then some really, really big games post-that as well.

“So we’re only as good as our next game, as bad as that sounds.

“We’re only a third of the way through the year.”

Ben Brown – 3AW

On how he is settling in:

“It was just great to get back out there.

“I had the first week last week which was probably finding my feet and getting a little bit of rust out, and this week I felt like I got into it reasonably well.

“When you’ve got the team going as well as you do at the moment, it makes it a lot easier to be a forward, so that helps.

“I haven’t played too many games out on the MCG, obviously North don’t play here very often, but it was amazing to be out here.

“Our fans and our members are really up and about with how our team is going.”

Steven May – ABC

On replacing Adam Tomlinson:

“It’s obviously a shattering loss – he is just a man mountain.

“He sees the game well, he’s very easy to play with … and you know you can send him to whoever and he’ll put a blanket over them.

“He’s going to be a big loss, and in particular the way he was able to free up myself and Jake (Lever), and a few of the young half-back flankers.

“But we play a system defence … and we’ve got Harry Petty coming in who’s a little bit different, he’s a bit more of an intercept type, but we’re going to back our process to cover that loss.”

Christian Petracca – SEN

On where the improvement has come from:

“It’s very, very evident, and a lot of people are talking about it, it’s just how unselfish we are.

“We’re playing as a team and … over the off-season we sat down with Glen Bartlett, a few of the leaders and the coaches, and we just wanted to make changes to this club.

“For us, it was mainly about the culture – we need to improve this culture as a footy club.

“You look at the top four sides in Geelong and Richmond and Sydney and teams like that who have had success for decades, and that’s what stands out.

“It doesn’t matter the player or who it is, it’s about culture, and for us we wanted to have a culture similar to that – we want to be respected.

“We didn’t want to be an inconsistent team, we wanted to be a team, win or lose, that plays our brand of footy no matter what.”

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