THE MELBOURNE Football Club today accepted an offer by Club doctor Dan Bates to stand aside, effective immediately, pending the outcome of an investigation by ASADA and the AFL into a pre-season supplements program at the Club.

MFC President Don McLardy said that the Club felt it was appropriate that Dr Bates stand aside while the details of the program and the circumstances under which it was administered are independently reviewed.

"We have sufficient concerns about an identified breakdown in reporting protocols that we believe it is appropriate that Dr Bates stands aside until these matters are further investigated," McLardy said.

Immediately following the announcement of the Essendon investigation in February, the MFC board commenced an internal review into supplements, headed by a suitably qualified director. That review involved numerous interviews, including three with Club doctor, Dr Dan Bates.

To date, the internal review has found no evidence that the supplements program at the Club contravened any ASADA or WADA guidelines, and no evidence that any player has been administered a banned substance at any time.

The Club is fully committed to cooperating with both ASADA and the AFL, as part of their ongoing investigation.

The Club is unable to comment further until the investigation is complete.