Check out Melbourne’s 2014 list afterit was filled via Wednesday’s NAB AFL Rookie Draft

MELBOURNE’S 2014 list

Primary list
1. Bail, Rohan
2. Barry, Dominic
3. Blease, Sam
4. Byrnes, Shannon
5. Clark, Mitch
6. Clisby, Mitch
7. Cross, Daniel
8. Dawes, Chris
9. Dunn, Lynden
10. Evans, Michael
11. Fitzpatrick, Jack
12. Frawley, James
13. Garland, Colin
14. Gawn, Max
15. Grimes, Jack
16. Hogan, Jesse
17. Howe, Jeremy
18. Hunt, Jayden
19. Jamar, Mark
20. Jones, Matt
21. Jones, Nathan
22. Kennedy-Harris, Jay
23. Kent, Dean
24. McDonald, Tom
25. McKenzie, Jordie  
26. Michie, Viv  
27. Nicholson, Daniel
28. Pedersen, Cameron
29. Riley, Aidan
30. Salem, Christian
31. Spencer, Jake
32. Strauss, James
33. Tapscott, Luke
34. Terlich, Dean
35. Toumpas, Jimmy
36. Trengove, Jack
37. Tyson, Dom
38. Vince, Bernie
39. Viney, Jack
40. Watts, Jack
Rookie list
41. Georgiou, Alex
42. Harmes, James
43. Jetta, Neville
44. King, Max
International scholarship list
45. Westrupp, Maia

* 17-year-old trade incentive selection via Greater Western Sydney:
Jesse Hogan (Claremont)
Trade period:
Viv Michie (Fremantle), Dom Tyson (Greater Western Sydney),Bernie Vince (Adelaide Crows)
Rookie elevation: Mitch Clisby
Delisted free agent: Daniel Cross(Western Bulldogs), Aidan Riley (Adelaide Crows)
NAB AFL Draft: Jayden Hunt (BrightonGrammar), Jay Kennedy-Harris (Oakleigh Chargers), Christian Salem (SandringhamDragons)
NAB AFL Rookie Draft: Alex Georgiou(Norwood), James Harmes (Dandenong Stingrays), Max King (Murray Bushrangers),Neville Jetta (Melbourne – redrafted as a rookie after being delisted from theprimary list following second list lodgement)

*Note:Jesse Hogan (Claremont) was acquired as a 17-year-old trade incentive selectionvia Greater Western Sydney in October 2012. He was officially tied withMelbourne in 2013, but was ineligible to play in the AFL, except in the NABCup. Hogan undertook full-time training with the club and played with Melbourne’sVFL affiliate Casey Scorpions in 2013. He has now been officially included onMelbourne’s primary list for 2014.

Retired: Aaron Davey, JoelMacdonald, David Rodan
Unrestricted free agent: ColinSylvia (Fremantle)
Delisted: Troy Davis, Tom Gillies, JamesSellar, Rory Taggert, Josh Tynan, Tom Couch (rookie), James Magner (rookie),Nathan Stark (rookie)