FINDING measures of entertainment during the isolation period has been difficult for many, but not for Joel Smith.

The 24-year-old Demon has turned his attention to trick shots, keeping himself more than amused in recent weeks.

“I’ve just been watching TikTok’s seeing people do it and thought I’d give it a go,” Smith told Melbourne Media.

“I’ve been a bit lucky, but they’ll only get better – I’m just trying to think of some new ones.”

Ping pong balls have been flying rapidly around Smith’s home, as the young utility shows off his skills with a golf club in hand.

Taking to Instagram to share his successes, Smith has pulled off some incredible shots, but admits it hasn’t all been as glorious as it appears.

“I’ve made five or six … but there has been a fair bit of time wasted,” he said.

“It’s fair to say I’ve taken a fair few shots – one took me about an hour.”

After a well-earned break from his countless tricks, Smith’s boredom quickly got the better of him, leading to an outlandish new hairstyle that he now fashions.

“I’ve gone blonde,” he said.

“I did it a few years ago when I did my shoulder, and I thought now that I’ve got a bit of time off, I may as well go back and do it again.

“I don’t mind it so I might keep it for a bit longer this time.”

And while Smith appears to be having plenty of fun within his four walls, he hasn’t let the training standards drop off either.

“I’ve been doing the program Burgo (Darren Burgess) has set aside for us, doing as much gym as I can, but it’s not very fun when you can only train with one person,” Smith said.

“I’ve just got a barbell, a few weights and a couple of dumbbells – pretty basic stuff but it’s enough to get by.

“You’ve just got to stick to the basic stuff, and Wattsy (Dave Watts), our strength coach, sends around what to do, so we just follow that.”

Smith is as hungry as ever to put in the work and get back out on the field after missing the entirety of last year with a groin injury.

At 191cm, the key defender is an exciting prospect for Melbourne, and one who will be a great addition to the side whenever the 2020 season resumes.

“Even though this isn’t a great time, it’s given my body a bit more time to get stronger and fitter, so whenever we go back, I’ll be fit and firing and ready to go,” Smith said.

“Whenever it is, I’m keen to get back out there because it’s been over a year since I’ve played.”