IRISH footballer Niamh McEvoy is yet to test herself at Aussie Rules, but she doesn’t appear to be too fazed.

As daunting as it seems, Melbourne’s AFLW recruit is confident her background in Gaelic Football will prepare her to adapt quickly to the sport she is about to try.

McEvoy, along with teammate Sinead Goldrick, was a star athlete in her own right back home in Ireland and has the hunger to succeed with Sherrin in hand.

“We’re both very competitive people and I think we’re both quite determined as well,” McEvoy told Melbourne Media.

“I saw that Irish girls have been here before and I wanted to just put my hand in the ring and see if it was something that I would be able to kind of get involved in.

“I think as Gaelic footballers we both have attributes that are applicable in AFLW but … we have lots and lots to learn.

“It’s a bit of a change for us coming from a background where we’re quite established in our own sport to kind of back to basics.

“I suppose at the minute we’re trying to be real patient with ourselves.”

While the girls have no experience with the oval ball, many of their skills from Gaelic Football will be transferable, making them exciting prospects for the red and blue.

“I feel like we are picking up the kick, probably not as quick as we’d like ourselves, but I think it’s easier for us maybe coming from a sport where there is kicking and handballing,” McEvoy said.

“I think that’s obviously to our benefit.

“We still have lots to learn, but I suppose at home as well fielding is a big aspect of our game, and just speaking to the girls, a couple of things like running off the shoulder and leading which is just making diagonal cuts and runs from GA.

“It all has different names … but lots of it is quite similar in terms of game style and things like that.”

McEvoy and Goldrick will step onto Gosch’s Paddock for their first official session with the group when pre-season training kicks off on Tuesday.