DAVID Thurin has been acknowledged with a life membership for his outstanding contributions to the Melbourne Football Club since becoming a board member in 2008.

Thurin has previously been named a Foundation Hero Legend by the club but received this new honour at the Annual General Meeting on Monday night.

Melbourne has been through some challenging times while Thurin has been involved, but he has embraced every moment of his journey.

“In the beginning it was really tough, but it was fun,” Thurin told Melbourne Media.

“I was part of the Jim Stynes board. Jim was larger than life as we all know.

“He was the rockstar and we were the little rockets following behind him.

“It was fantastic.”

And while there was plenty of fun to be had, the board needed to put together a plan to reinvigorate the club.

“It was a matter of just get in there, role up your sleeves and work as hard as you can because we were in a lot of trouble at that stage,” Thurin said.

“History shows we raised the money; the club went on and look where it is today.”

Thurin takes a lot of pride in the growth of the Demons under his watch, but says the most rewarding aspect of his time at the club has been bringing his family along for the ride.

“My wife Lisa, who I must admit in the beginning did not like football at all, and she’s just become so passionate behind it,” he said.

“She’s seen three kids die red and blue and they’ve just been so much a part of it.

“They just love this club as much as I do.”

Aside from his work at Melbourne, Thurin is the Executive Chairman and Owner of Tigcorp, achieving excellent results in all walks of life.

His generosity and dedication to his work has been dearly noted by Melbourne and he is thrilled to be tied to the club for the rest of his life.

“It’s a wonderful accolade and I’m very humbled by it all but half of it is [my families] because they’ve been so much a part of it,” Thurin said.