MELBOURNE’S Braydon Preuss will need to get through the group’s main training session if he is to be available for selection against Gold Coast.

The 23-year-old, who injured his shoulder in Round 4 and played on the following week, completed contact work on Monday and will have his fitness tested further on Wednesday.

Despite making improvements with his shoulder concern, co-captain Jack Viney will need another week on the sidelines, with the Demons looking to get him back for the Round 9 match against West Coast.

In positive news, Jake Lever is likely only one week off making his return through the VFL.

After suffering an ACL injury in Round 11 last year, Lever is now back in full training, due to line up for the Casey Demons next weekend.

Elite Performance Manager David Misson provides an update on all injury list changes below.

Jeff Garlett | Hamstring – Available

“He just had a corky from the game, but he’s fine. He ran yesterday and will train tomorrow.”

Tim Smith | Back – Available

“Tim just had a back spasm which resulted in his missing last week’s game. He did most of the session yesterday and will train fully tomorrow, so he should be fine.”

Braydon Preuss | Shoulder – Test

“He ticked off his contact work yesterday. He will train with the main group tomorrow, focusing on some specific ruck work. If he gets through that, he’s right to play.”

Jack Viney | Shoulder – 1 week

“Jack has improved a lot with his AC joint sprain. Although he’s still unlikely this week, we’re confident at getting him back for next week.”

Steven May | Groin – 3-4 weeks

“He’s progressing in his rehab and going pretty well. Steven’s injury is one that has improved but has also had some slight setbacks, so he’s still a month away at this stage.”

Jake Lever | Knee – 1 week

“Jake is due to play VFL next week. He’s back in full training and will do a full week this week and next week, due to return in Round 7 of the VFL. We think he’ll need two VFL games at the very least, but we’ll see how he goes.”

Mitch Hannan | Knee – 2 weeks

“Mitch is due to play VFL Round 8. He’s starting to do a bit of training with the main group this week and he’ll continue to build that up over the next two and a half weeks.”

Jay Kennedy Harris | Knee – 2 weeks

“Jay is recovering very well and has the same timeframe as Mitch – he’s due to play in VFL Round 8.”

Corey Maynard | Hip – 1 week

“Corey is set to play in the VFL next week. He’ll be with the rehab group tomorrow before going into a normal week next week, leading into playing.”

Aaron vandenBerg | Foot – 6-8 weeks 

“Vanders has done some good work on the Alter-G treadmill and he’s going to do his first running session outside on Friday. He’s probably at least six weeks away though.”

Joel Smith | Groin – 6-8 weeks

He is improving slowly. Given the significance of his injury, it’s tricky to put a timeframe on him, but it’s looking like six to eight weeks at this stage.”

Neville Jetta | Knee – 10-12 weeks

“Nev is off his crutches and starting to do some work in the gym. Overall, he’s progressing pretty well.”

Kade Kolodjashnij | Concussion – TBA

“We think he has turned a corner – he had a run today and will have another run on Friday. Given his history, we’re remaining cautious and won’t be putting a timeframe on his return just yet.”

Guy Walker | Shoulder – Indefinite

Aaron Nietschke | Knee – Season