AT THE CONCLUSION of the 2023 season, it’s fair to say the Dees left it all out on the field.   

When coaches’ votes are being given to players who had the most disposals or goals, there are some who fly under the radar.  

With today's technology, each AFL player wears a GPS system in their jumper, tracking their every move.  

During the break until the pre-season starts, we utilised this valuable time to identify the best Demon running power of 2023.  

The long-distance runners 

In a familiar feat, Ed Langdon once again asserted his dominance, topping the distance charts for the third consecutive year. 

During the Demons' journey to Adelaide for Gather Round, Langdon covered an impressive 16.7km, showcasing his endurance prowess on the field. 

New recruit, Lachie Hunter, wasted no time establishing his presence on the wing, achieving his best distance of 15.7km in Round 2 against Brisbane. 

This stellar performance secured him a commendable second place among the Demons’ running elite. 

Rounding up third place was Alex Neal-Bullen, proving the importance of solid pre-season and putting his efforts to practise, recording a commendable 15.5km. 

Langdon's massive workload wasn't far from this year's best effort from Carlton's Matthew Cottrell who recorded 17.6km in a match.

The speedsters  

In a thrilling display of speed, Kade Chandler emerged as the new speedster, dethroning last year's champion, Kysaiah Pickett. 

Chandler's moment of glory came in Round 21 against North Melbourne, where he reached an impressive speed of 34.4 km/h, surpassing the previous year's record.  

Securing the silver medal in this high-velocity contest, Pickett showcased his speed at Adelaide Oval, hitting a remarkable 34.1 km/h during Melbourne's clash with Port Adelaide.   

Jake Bowey clinched the third-place position with a swift performance, the No.17 achieved his top speed of 33.2 km/h in the final round of the home-and-away season. 

Chandler’s efforts just fell short of Geelong’s Gary Rohan who finished the season with 37.8km/h.

Efforts at full tilt 

It was another Langdon gold medal, as No.15 recorded the most sprints in a game.  

When the Demons welcomed Richmond to the MCG, Langdon recorded 35 total sprint efforts, putting himself top of another running leader board. 

Taking home the silver in this spirited contest is Neal-Bullen, who not only showcased his efforts in distance running but also recorded an impressive 28 total sprints during the season opener. 

Completing the podium in style, Chandler clinched the bronze with a noteworthy 26 total sprints during the intense Round 12 showdown against Carlton.