Competition Winners

Congratulations to our March winner

Well done to Blake Kantor who was the March Junior Fan of the Month winner!

Blake received a personal call from Tom McDonald to congratulate him on the win.

Congratulations to our February winners

Congratulations to our 50 competition winners this month who were all the lucky recipients of a ‘Back to School’ prize pack.

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition – we loved reading all your responses.

Check out what some of our junior fans are looking forward to this year below!

  • It's my first year at school and I'm so excited. I want to learn to read and do lots of painting. Mum has given me some money for the canteen and I'm going to buy frozen fruit. School is so fun. – Annabel, 5
  • I get to be in Grade 1 and help look after the Preps and see my friends and I can decorate my books with my Demons stickers. Archer, 7
  • Climbing. Sand. Just sand. I went jumping. And I like the cubby house. Can I say something from home? I love my mum and my LEGO and my footy clothes and my footyball. Arlo, 4
  • Looking after the chooks and the scratch and patch garden. Seeing all my friends and playing footy with them. Deegan, 8
  • I am looking forward to recess and lunch so I can practice my footy and goal kicking! Evan, 6
  • Hamish is looking forward to playing with his friends, playing music, painting (red and blue are his favourite colours) and riding his bike. Hamish, 2
  • I’m looking forward to seeing my friend Holly every day at school. We like to swing on the monkey bars and talk about our favourite player Harmsey. Holly, 8

Where's Weids winners

Congratulations to the following superstars who correctly found Weids in box ‘D8’ in our January ‘Where’s Weids’ competition, and are the lucky recipients of a giveaway pack filled with Melbourne goodies!

Daniel Rafferty

Lexy Cooke

Jude Yean

Olivia Cummins

Mitchell Kodye

Angus Lynn

Congratulations to our December winners

Congratulations to Will, Jake and Benji Szkwarek who had the highest number of correct guesses in our ‘All I want for Christmas’ competition and received a special shout out from AFLW Star Libby Birch!

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Libby Birch congratulates our competition winners | Red & Blue Crew

AFLW star Libby Birch provides a special shout out to our Christmas Red & Blue Crew competition winners

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Melbourne mailbag - closed

Congratulations to Lexie Morritt, the lucky winner of our Melbourne Mailbag ‘Ask the Players’ competition. Lexie wanted to know which team Angus Brayshaw supported growing up. Check out Gus’ response here!

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Angus Brayshaw congratulates our December winners | Red & Blue Crew

Gus congratulates the November Red & Blue Crew winners

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