CONTINUITY is a word thrown around regularly in football circles.

Jayden Hunt is a great advocate of its importance.

The 26-year-old, who has played 83 AFL games, has only had one uninterrupted season to date, but 2021 is on the right track.

“I’m in a pretty good spot,” Hunt said on The Talking Points.

“Last year was a bit hard, being in and out of the team and playing as a forward, but I sort of set myself pre-season to get one of these half-back roles.

“I’m hopefully building every week and I’m actually having a lot of fun down there.

“It’s often the way, if you’re having fun and enjoying yourself with your teammates and stuff, you perform better.”

Teamwork has been a key factor in Melbourne’s early-season success, and as a result, the individual form has followed.

While Hunt has slid under the radar at times, the half-back flanker has recaptured the run and flare in his game which has been missing since the early stages of his career.

“That’s my biggest strength so they want me to bring that out,” he said.

“I think with me, it’s definitely the confidence – I’ve got a few good early games in, so then I’ve just got the confidence to keep doing it.

“I’ve just got to keep on backing myself in and the coaches are definitely driving that message to myself.”

But it’s not just the highlights with ball in hand that he’s offering to the Demons.

“I do have the speed for offence, but my game is all based around the defence,” he said.

“Often that gets you involved in the game as well.

“One of my big pillars this year was become reliable and more consistent, so definitely all those tackling, spoils and being defensively really solid definitely helps that cause."

And although Hunt has cemented his spot in Melbourne's best 22 for now, he knows he can't take this opportunity for granted.

“I’ve got to keep on pressing, because what’s so good about our side at the moment is the VFL guys – they’re playing just as good," he said.

“There’s always someone hot on your tail so you can’t become complacent.

“But it’s definitely good to get some routine and continuity in your game, playing every week so far.”

Watch Hunt on this week's episode of The Talking Points below: