Dear members and supporters,

Over the last six months there has been ongoing concerns and media commentary raised regarding the future of Darren Burgess, Head of High Performance at the Melbourne Football Club. The Club would like to take the unusual step to clarify his current circumstances, in the hope Darren will be afforded the appropriate level of privacy by the industry.

Darren Burgess advised the club last year that his children have been living in Adelaide, since returning from London. Darren remains 100% committed to the Melbourne Football Club and the high performance program which he heads up. The club has been allowing him special consideration and flexibility to be able to maintain his connection and relationship with his children interstate, and this will continue.

As the year unfolds we will continue in our conversations with Darren and ultimately it will be his decision regarding 2022 and the club will give 100% support to Darren to act in the best interests of his relationship with his children.  

We would hope that the industry allows him the privacy to deal with these personal circumstances.

Gary Pert