THERE’S something satisfying about seeing a player in a long sleeve guernsey.

Why exactly that is remains unknown, but it’s a fact.

So, we dug through the archives and found 30 Melbourne players who have donned the sleeves in an AFL match.

Unfortunately, there were limitations with access to photos, so some past Demons may have been missed.

For example, Brock McLean wore the silver sleeves (an iconic look) in 2008, but there’s no photo evidence.

If you can find someone we’ve missed, jump on the socials and let us know.

But for now, here are some famous names, and some surprise ones, who have been captured playing their part in history: setting this fashion trend.

Brad Green


Travis Johnstone

Jim Stynes

Robbie Flower

Ed Langdon

Simon Godfrey

Jeff Farmer

Matthew Whelan

Alistair Nicholson

Adem Yze

David Schwarz

Jeff White

Chris Dawes

Dom Barry

Jayden Hunt

Cameron Bruce

James McDonald

David Neitz

Shane Woewodin

Jared Rivers

Chris Heffernan

Guy Rigoni

Daniel Ward

Sean Charles

Craig Nettleback

Scott Chisholm

Darren O'Brien

Troy Simmons

Jason Norrish

Nick Pesch