IN: Pick No.43 and Brisbane’s Future Fourth Round Pick

OUT: Pick No.53 and Melbourne’s Future Third Round Pick

MELBOURNE has made its first move of the AFL Trade Period, exchanging two draft picks with Brisbane on Friday afternoon.

The trade sees the Demons move up the order for the 2020 National Draft, receiving pick No.43 from the Lions.

“We traded our Future Third Round Pick to improve our current second draft pick in the draft this year, moving from 53 to 43,” GM of Football Josh Mahoney told Melbourne Media.

Prior to the Trade Period, Melbourne had picks 23, 47, 62, 63, 83 and 101 to its name, but due to Free Agency compensation and Academy selections, those numbers are being pushed back.

As a result of this move, the Dees will now have access to a second top-end talent come the draft in December.

The second part of the trade won’t come into play until the 2021 National Draft, where Melbourne will utilise Brisbane’s Fourth Round Pick.