IT’S NO SECRET Melbourne’s strategy this off-season was to attack the AFLW Draft.

The club traded out some big names earlier in the year, giving itself the best chance to stack its list for the 2021 season.

And after walking away from Tuesday night’s event with six fresh faces, senior coach Mick Stinear couldn’t have been happier with the result.

“It was a definite plan through the Sign and Trade Period to bring in some young talent and reinvigorate our team in that regard,” Stinear told Melbourne Media.

“But what we’ve been able to do is keep a really strong core group that we think will continue to play finals footy and now we’ve added some quality young players that will improve our chances next season and well beyond that as well.”

Scouting was made difficult for the Demons’ recruiters in the lead up to the draft with a lack of footy being played due to COVID-19, but the club is confident it has still been able to secure the talent it was after.

“I think luckily a lot of the players we’ve drafted played in the Academy and played games last year,” Stinear said.

“Majority of the girls played bottom age NAB League, so they have got some history of games and we’ve got access to watching those.

“Todd (Patterson) has put in a power of work and his attention to detail is brilliant, so we were in a good position in that way.

“But probably without the footage it’s given us more time for Zoom interviews with players, reference checks to watch more vision of the girls from the games we had on file, and it feels like we’re far more prepared for this Draft.

“I’m sure the girls would’ve loved to have been playing but we don’t think it hindered their chances of getting drafted.”

With a lot to look forward to in season five of the AFLW competition, watch below as Stinear provides an insight the club’s most recent additions.

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AFLW Draft recap with Mick Stinear

Melbourne's AFLW coach recaps a successful night, drafting six young footballers to the club

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Pick No.5 – Alyssa Bannan

DOB: 13/4/02

Height: 177cm

Position: Forward

Recruited from: Northern Knights and South Morang Football Club

Pick No.15 – Eliza McNamara

DOB: 19/4/02

Height: 166cm

Position: Midfielder

Recruited from: Sandringham Dragons and East Malvern Football Club

Pick No.17 – Maggie Caris

DOB: 21/12/02

Height: 190cm

Position: Ruck

Recruited from: Horsham Saints Football and Netball Club

Pick No.35 – Megan Fitzsimon

DOB: 10/8/02

Height: 169cm

Position: Midfielder/Forward

Recruited from: Sale City Youth Girls and Bairnsdale Junior Football Club

Pick No.41 – Mietta Kendall

DOB: 3/9/02

Height: 160cm

Position: Defender

Recruited from: Eastern Rangers and Blackburn Football Club

Pick No.47 – Isabella Simmons

DOB: 19/4/02

Height: 186cm

Position: Defender/Forward

Recruited from: Greater Western Victoria Rebels and Ararat Female Football Club