NEVILLE Jetta’s talents extend far beyond the footy field.

The 30-year-old has played 153 games for the Demons since 2009, but it’s his craft with the paintbrush in hand which may come as a surprise to many.

The Melbourne Football Club approached Jetta with the opportunity to design its 2020 Indigenous guernsey, and he was more than up for the challenge.

“Art has been a big part of my family,” he told Melbourne Media.

“Growing up, I used to be able to walk home from school and walk into my family’s house and see people painting – painting their story and stories that have been passed down to them.”

Sir Doug Nicholls Round, which will be celebrated next week, provides a platform for education, allowing Australian’s to learn about the history of the land they are from.

Indigenous language map of Australia

Jetta was able to transfer his story into a spectacular looking jumper – one which Melbourne will wear when it takes on the Western Bulldogs in Round 13.

“It’s always a bit of a tough process to get the ideas and the artwork out of my mind and onto a footy jumper,” he said.

“I didn’t want to rush it, I wanted it to come to me.

“A few conversations had with my parents and some of the elders back home definitely helped with what I wanted to put on the jumper – what I wanted it to represent.

“I think the biggest thing is I wanted the story to be right.”

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Watch below as Jetta explains exactly what this guernsey means to him.

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Kaartdijin Kura Yey Boodja | Our 2020 Indigenous Guernsey

Nev Jetta tells the story behind his design of Melbourne's 2020 Indigenous Guernsey

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