THROUGHOUT the isolation period, Melbourne, like all organisations, has taken to Zoom to stay connected.

Whether it be for important meetings, group workouts or social catch ups, the club has placed a major emphasis on doing things together where possible.

Last week, Angus Brayshaw, Steven May and Jake Melksham jumped on a club-wide call to provide an insight into their lifestyle during this pandemic.

Take a look at what they had to say below.

Angus Brayshaw

Isolation certainly hasn’t been a waste of time for Brayshaw.

While the star midfielder admits his experience at home has been a bit different to most, it has given birth to his famous social media sensation, ‘Barbie Onions’.

“It’s been interesting,” Brayshaw said.

“I sort of had some preconceptions of what it might be like when we were hearing rumours about everything shutting down.

“I’ve got a pretty busy life outside of footy – I do a couple of units at uni so I was looking forward to getting stuck into that. But more importantly, I’ve had a few creative itches that have needed scratching, and they have been well and truly scratched.”

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Zoom catch up with Angus Brayshaw

We caught up with Angus Brayshaw over zoom to see what he is up to during this lockdown period.

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Steven May

The inability to socialise with your friends is one of the toughest aspects of isolation.

But May has finally wrapped his head around it.

“I think a lot of the things like FOMO – fear of missing out,” May said.

“You feel like you’ve always got to do what other people are doing to feel like you’re having fun or living your life. But when it all gets taken away and you literally can’t, you learn to enjoy your own company and do things that you genuinely want to do.”

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Zoom catch up with Steven May

We caught up with Steven May over zoom to see what he is up to during this lockdown period.

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Jake Melksham

For Melksham, aside from being a full-time father, training has been a priority, leaving him in good shape for the second game of 2020 – whenever that may be.

“I’ll feel pretty confident in having done all the work,” Melksham said.

“That’s one thing that I set out to do when all this happened, I said I’m just going to focus everything, all my energy, into training. Try not to speculate on what might happen or when we’ll be coming back because I know … it’s probably going to be a little bit longer than everyone is saying.”

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Zoom catch up with Jake Melksham

We caught up with Jake Melksham over zoom to see what he is up to during this lockdown period.

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