HERE is Melbourne’s list for 2017. It is now locked in after the recruiting period concluded on November 28, following the NAB AFL Rookie Draft. Melbourne will enter 2017 with 46 players, including eight new squad members.

1. Brayshaw, Angus
2. Bugg, Tomas
3. Filipovic, Lachlan (rookie)
4. Frost, Sam
5. Garland, Colin
6. Garlett, Jeff
7. Gawn, Max
8. Hannan, Mitch
9. Harmes, James
10. Hibberd, Michael
11. Hogan, Jesse
12. Hulett, Liam
13. Hunt, Jayden
14. Jetta, Neville
15. Johnstone, Dion
16. Jones, Nathan
17. Keilty, Declan (rookie)
18. Kennedy, Ben
19. Kennedy-Harris, Jay
20. Kent, Dean
21. King, Mitch
22. Lewis, Jordan
23. Lumumba, Heritier
24. Maynard, Corey (category B rookie)
25. McDonald, Oscar
26. McDonald, Tom
27. McKenna, Pat
28. Melksham, Jake
29. Neal-Bullen, Alex
30. Oliver, Clayton
31. Pedersen, Cameron
32. Petracca, Christian
33. Salem, Christian
34. Smith, Joel (category B rookie)
35. Smith, Tim (rookie)
36. Spencer, Jake
37. Stretch, Billy
38. Trengove, Jack
39. Tyson, Dom
40. vandenBerg, Aaron
41. Vince, Bernie
42. Viney, Jack
43. Wagner, Josh
44. Watts, Jack
45. Weideman, Sam
46. White, Mitch (rookie)

Note: Melbourne has a list of 46 players, including 40 primary list players, four rookies and two category B rookies (Corey Maynard and Joel Smith). Maynard and Smith are not counted among the ‘regular’ four rookies, but are still eligible to play in the AFL in 2017, if or when an opportunity occurs to elevate them to the senior list.

Trade period: Michael Hibberd (Essendon), Jordan Lewis (Hawthorn), Pat McKenna (GWS Giants)
NAB AFL Draft: Mitch Hannan (Footscray), Dion Johnstone (Oakleigh Chargers)
NAB AFL Rookie Draft: Lachlan Filipovic (Sandringham Dragons), Declan Keilty (Casey Scorpions), Tim Smith (Casey Scorpions)

Trade period: Lynden Dunn (Collingwood)
Delisted: Chris Dawes, Jack Grimes, Matt Jones, Max King (rookie), Viv Michie (rookie), Ben Newton, Dean Terlich