EPISODE 3 of To Hell and Back will be released on Sunday night, providing unparalleled access to the inner workings of the club throughout the latter part of 2019.

The extended 17-minute episode opens with Melbourne making the call on Harley Bennell’s playing future, before viewers receive an insight into his bond with former teammate Steven May.

The ex-Docker, whose career has been savaged by injury, speaks to his emotional journey which has led him to the red and blue.

We then sit in on the coaching staff’s early talks ahead the 2019 National Draft, where the recruiters deliberate on who to select with the club’s top two selections.

With six new Demons officially on-board, Simon Goodwin invites his new players on a bonding camp where the values of the club are discussed.

The entire playing group then endures a brutal training session prior to the Christmas break that pushes them to the limit.

The third episode of the five-part documentary series will be released at 7pm.