Cameron Johnston (No.52)

Debut: Yet to debut
Career matches: 0
Career goals: 0
Matches: 0
Goals: 0
Kicks: 0
Marks: 0
Handballs: 0
Disposals: 0
Tackles: 0

Todd Viney’s season assessment
Cameron was a rookie for us in 2011. He played some senior football with Casey, but spent most of the year in the Casey reserves.

Round-by-round assessment
Comments made by 2011 Melbourne coaching staff members Mark Williams, Brad Gotch and Kelly O’Donnell

AFL: Round 1 v Sydney Swans
Did not play (played in VFL practice match)

VFL reserves: Round 1 v Northern Bullants
Injured: ankle

VFL reserves: Round 2 v Port Melbourne
Injured: ankle

VFL reserves: Round 3 v North Ballarat
Injured: ankle

VFL reserves: Round 4 - Bye

VFL reserves: Round 5 v Frankston
Cam had 21 touches and played off half-back wing. He used the ball really well. It was his first game back and he should get a bit of confidence from that. Brad Gotch

VFL reserves: Round 6 v Northern Bullants
Cam played his best game yet for us. He had around 30 possessions, playing off half-back and wing. His kicking was good and had several handball receives. He knew when to peel off and provide a lot of run. Cam provided a lot of run. Brad Gotch

VFL reserves: Round 7 - Bye    
(Played in VFL practice match)
VFL reserves: Round 8 - Bye

VFL: Round 9 v Williamstown
Cam played his first senior game and got a bit of the ball, but had to adjust to the tempo and physicality of the next level. But he was able to win the ball and had 17 possessions. He had plenty of handballs, but he is a very good kick, so he probably needed to have a few more of them. For a first-up effort he was good. Brad Gotch

VFL: Round 10 v Sandringham
I thought Cam was OK. He played at half-back. It was only his second game, and as a rookie, it was a really physical game, which he was learning about - how to contribute. But he didn’t look out of place. He’s a long kick - he probably used the long kick a bit too often, which went to the opposition. He had to lower his vision and use short kicks as well. He played on [Ryan] Gamble, who had been at Geelong for a few years, before moving to St Kilda. I think he got one goal on him in the third quarter, but it was a turnover. So it was a good experience - he didn’t let himself down. Brad Gotch
VFL reserves: Round 11 v Werribee Tigers
Cam was our only one in the reserves, and he had 27 touches. He put himself in line for the following match. Brad Gotch

VFL: Round 12 v Coburg Tigers
I had to look at his game in a bit more depth. I didn’t feel he got value out of it - he had 15 possessions. But, he was a lot harder, and he tried to work on things like contested ball and tackling. He just probably needed to use the ball a bit better. Brad Gotch
VFL: Round 13 - Bye
VFL: Round 14 v Werribee Tigers
Due to Matthew Warnock pulling out of the side and with Werribee’s smaller forward structure, I had to play Cam more down back. His spoiling was good, but he lost his opponent a bit. His kicking was down, with several ineffective. Brad Gotch
VFL reserves: Round 15 v Box Hill Hawks  
Cam did well, found the ball and finished with 26 possessions. He had played three out of four in the seniors, but he had to go back because we had three Melbourne guys come back in. He had a good attitude, and put a good performance in. Brad Gotch
VFL: Round 16 v Frankston
This was one of Cameron’s better senior games with us. He had an impact on the game, particularly with his tackling, and had 16 possessions. This experience would definitely have helped him gain a bit more confidence. Brad Gotch
VFL: Round 17 - Bye

VFL: Round 18 v Geelong
He kicked a goal in the first quarter, but was a little disappointing, after his efforts against Frankston in round 16. His hands in close were good though. Brad Gotch
VFL reserves: Round 19 v Sandringham
Cameron had 26 possessions, played at half-back and on the wing. He would have gained a great deal of confidence from the experience, and again showed a fantastic attitude. Brad Gotch

VFL reserves: Round 20 v Coburg Tigers
His performance was below par, but we found out afterwards that he had been suffering from an illness. He decided to play on with the flu, so he learned a good valuable lesson there - can you play on or perform? We expected a much better showing from him the next round. Brad Gotch

VFL reserves: Round 21 v Werribee Tigers
Cam had 31 touches and impressed at half-back/wing. He played really well. Cam put himself into senior VFL contention. Brad Gotch
VFL reserves: Round 22 v Northern Bullants
Injured: concussion
VFL reserves: Elimination final v Coburg Tigers     
Cameron played mainly across half-back and produced a solid performance. He used the ball well on most occasions, and played his role for the team. Kelly O’Donnell
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