MIDFIELDER Harley Bennell is eager to get his body right, as he seeks a return to the AFL with Melbourne.  

The former Gold Coast and Fremantle player, who began training with the Demons on Tuesday, has battled concerns with his calves throughout his career.

But with a plan in place to have him in full training by February, Bennell is confident of getting back on track.

“We’ve still got a long way to go with the rehab program,” he told Melbourne Media.

“I went through the program yesterday with (High Performance Manager) Darren (Burgess), and I’ve got full confidence in him and his team.

“I can’t wait to go for another trot today and hopefully get the body right.”

Bennell, who underwent recent surgery to remove the plantaris muscle in both of his calves, is aiming for a rookie contract with the red and blue under the AFL’s Supplemental Selection rule.

While it’s an exciting prospect for the 27-year-old, he is under no illusion of the work required.

“I just [need to] stick to the program really,” Bennell said.

“I like things straight away, but I will just take my time, slow and steady here.

“I’m just excited for the opportunity Melbourne has given me.”

Bennell, who spent the past four years in Western Australia, made the move to Melbourne last month to pursue his shot with the Demons.

And with his partner and daughter Carter in tow, he is feeling good about the future.  

“I’m great,” Bennell said.

“Amy, I and baby just moved in two weeks ago, almost three weeks ago now.

“We’re loving Melbourne and have got some great people around us that can help us and lead us in the right direction.

“I’m just really excited.”

Bennell will join his potential new teammates on Gosch’s Paddock for the first time on Wednesday, and will continue to train with Melbourne throughout the pre-season.