MELBOURNE has delisted tough-nut Aidan Riley, utility Rohan Bail, midfielder Jordie McKenzie and tall Jack Fitzpatrick from its 2015 list.

The quartet joins veteran duo, ruckman Mark Jamar and ball-winner Daniel Cross, as 2015 squad members who won’t be on Melbourne’s list next year.

Manager of football operations Josh Mahoney praised Riley, Bail, McKenzie and Fitzpatrick on their efforts at the club.

“All four players have had to overcome adversity at different stages through their careers and during their time at Melbourne,” he told

“All four players had limited appearances at AFL level this year, but they were all consistent players for Casey Scorpions and we appreciate the effort they put in at VFL level and how it assisted the development of our younger players.

“They have all contributed right to the end of their time at Melbourne and we thank them for their contribution and wish them all the best for the future.”

Bail played six matches in 2015, with Riley making four appearances, Fitzpatrick three and McKenzie one. The four players featured in Casey’s elimination final loss to Essendon in the VFL two weekends ago.

Of the four players, McKenzie played the most matches for the Demons, featuring in 79 games from 2009-15. Bail was next with 71 matches from 2009-15.

Fitzpatrick played 22 games from 2011-15 and Riley made 13 appearances for the Dees from 2014-15, after 12 matches with Adelaide from 2011-13.

Bail and McKenzie were both recruited by the club in 2008. Bail was selected at No.64 in the NAB AFL Draft and McKenzie was the first pick in the NAB AFL Rookie Draft.

Fitzpatrick was claimed at No.50 in the 2009 NAB AFL Draft and Riley was recruited as a delisted free agent in 2013. 

Bail battled several hurdles in his time at Melbourne, particularly with injury and an extended period on the sidelines with concussion.

But he had his best AFL season in 2014, when he played every match, except one. He also played 18 games in 2012.

McKenzie also had several injuries in his time at Melbourne, including groin issues, but he still managed to play almost 80 games after starting as a rookie.

Yet he averaged 18 matches a season from 2010-12 and also won the club’s coaches award in those three years.  

Fitzpatrick battled chronic fatigue before joining the club and was diagnosed with diabetes during his time at Melbourne, yet he still managed to play at the highest level.

His best season came in 2013, when he played 11 games and kicked four goals in one match against the Brisbane Lions in Darwin. 

Riley came to Melbourne with a badly broken leg and did an excellent job to recover from that. The fact he played in the AFL as quickly as he did was a credit to him.

He was rewarded with the Troy Broadbridge Memorial Trophy this year for the best Melbourne-listed player at Casey.

The club now has six vacancies on its list at the moment.