FEW, IF ANY, HAVE the ability to captivate a room and inspire a nation like Neale Daniher.

With his usual cheeky grin and wicked sense of humour, Daniher took to the MCG Long Room on Thursday to launch his new book, When All is Said & Done.

The book, filled with wisdom and advice, will help Daniher communicate to his family long into the future.

“I wrote it for my grandkids,” he said.

“I’m thinking they might want to know a bit about their pop.

“But if they don’t, they’re bloody going to have to read it anyway.”

Daniher had his audience in stitches of laughter as he sat by the side of close mate Tim Watson, releasing the book to the public.

This story, written with Warwick Green, highlights Daniher’s six-year battle with Motor Neurone Disease, as the man himself reflects on his hardships to help others get through the greatest of adversities.

“The idea of the book, it’d been living in me from the day I got diagnosed and I didn’t think I’d be alive to do it,” he said.

“The book is part memoir, but above that, I tried to include some life lessons or life observations for my grandkids.

“Life’s not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

“I might not be around, but I’d like to leave a few signposts for them.”

And this book does just that.

“I hope my kids understand that life doesn’t promise to be fair,” Daniher said.

“It will be hard, it will be tough, it might have setbacks.

“But life generally is good if you understand it won’t be fair, and if you know that you can go about life looking for opportunities.

“Find opportunities when you suffer, and it gives you opportunities to grow towards the better side of your nature.

“That’s what the book’s about.”

Click here to purchase your copy of When All is Said & Done.