A DARKER red and blue, plus an incomplete circle of stars representing the premierships won by the club are among the significant features on the new 2011 Melbourne guernsey released by the club on Friday.

The deeper colours reflect the club’s heritage, while the never closing circle of premiership stars on the back of the jumper is a clear eye to the future. It also reinforces the club’s eternal quest to win its next premiership.

The Demons have also reintroduced a collar, a deeper ‘V’ and have included the new emblem - officially released on November 1 - on its jumper.

The club wanted to get as close as it possibly could to the true heritage of its colours.

As the highly-respected writer Martin Flanagan said: “The old footy jumpers come from the time before ad agencies and marketing departments got involved. The people who designed them understood colour like painters do - blood red bouncing off a blue that’s close to black has got real resonance and visual power.”

Chief executive Cameron Schwab said Melbourne’s jumper is the most important item that exists around the club.

“We wanted to tell the story of our club and we set that challenge and we had to do it in a way that wasn’t going to compromise the pure performance element of it. In fact, we wanted to improve that,” he said.

“We wanted to keep the jumper modern and the fabrics associated in a way that our players feel great about actually wearing it as well. We want them to feel the spiritual aspect of it, but understand the critical elements of it all as well.”

The shorts are navy blue with a red panel and include the new emblem; the socks are blood red with a navy blue monogram.

Melbourne has also introduced a new clash guernsey, which is an AFL requirement, featuring white, a red ‘V’ and blue line.

The background of the jumper is white, yet the red and blue remains integral to the jumper. The colour combination is shared with the Melbourne Cricket Club and points to the mid to late 1800s when the club was known as the ‘Invincible Whites’.

The cut of the shoulders has a gladiatorial feel.

Melbourne’s guernsey has been made by New Balance, the club’s new apparel sponsor.