MELBOURNE has announced the jumper numbers for its 11 new players ahead of the 2019 season.

The club secured three players during the trade period, six draftees last week and two Category B rookies over the course of the year.

While all the recruits have been assigned numbers, none of the 2018-listed Melbourne players have opted to change guernseys.

Newly signed rookie Corey Wagner doesn’t start with the club until next week, so his number is yet to be confirmed.

No.1 – Steven May

With Jesse Hogan returning home to Fremantle during the trade period, new-recruit Steven May has taken the No.1 guernsey for next season.

May wore No.45 in his first two seasons at Gold Coast, before moving to No.17 for the past six years.

No.12 – Toby Bedford

Academy player Toby Bedford, who was drafted to the club with pick 75, has taken on the No.12 next season.

The jumper became available as Dom Tyson makes a move to North Melbourne, while Colin Sylvia and Todd Viney were former stars to fashion the number.

No.16 – Kade Kolodjashnij

After wearing No.28 for his first three seasons at Gold Coast, Kade Kolodjashnij switched to No.10 for his final two years at the club.

He will now wear No.16 in the red and blue with Dean Kent departing during the trade period.

Travis Johnstone played the most games in the jumper prior to his move to Brisbane, while former co-captain Jack Grimes wore the number in his first 53 matches.

No.21 – Braydon Preuss

Braydon Preuss will take the No.21 guernsey for the Demons after wearing the No.31 in his eight appearances at North Melbourne.

The No.21 became available due to Cam Pedersen leaving the club, while Steven Febey starred for Melbourne in his 258 games.

No.23 – James Jordon

The retirement of Bernie Vince has allowed draftee James Jordon to fill the vacant No.23 for 2019.

Dual Bluey Truscott Medallist James McDonald also wore the number, playing 247 of his 251 games for the club in it. He wore No.54 in his debut year.

No.27 – Aaron Nietschke

South Australian Aaron Nietschke will wear the No.27 next season after being drafted to the club with pick 53.

He will be hoping to emulate Jared Rivers’ success in the guernsey, as Rivers won the 2004 Rising Star Award.

Aidan Riley is the most recent Demon to wear the number on the field.

No.32 – Tom Sparrow

With Tom Bugg exiting the club this season, another Tom enters the No.32 locker.

Melbourne’s first selection at the 2018 draft, Tom Sparrow, takes the jumper worn 224 times by Cameron Bruce.

No.34 – Marty Hore

Mature-aged recruit Marty Hore will be hoping to be the first Demon to pull on the No.34 since Dean Kent wore it in his debut season back in 2013.

Jeff White is the greatest Melbourne player to wear the jumper, dominating in the ruck throughout the early 2000s.

No.37 – Kade Chandler

Rookie selection Kade Chandler has the privilege of wearing the No.37 which was made famous by Jim Stynes in 1987.

The past four Demons to pull on this jumper have all gone on to change numbers later in their careers: Aaron vandenBerg (22), Max Gawn (11), Matthew Warnock (1), Brad Miller (7).

No.43 – Guy Walker

Former cricketer Guy Walker has taken the No.43, last worn by James Harmes in 2017.

Tom McDonald also pulled on this number for two games in 2011.

No.46 – Austin Bradtke

After being signed as a Category B rookie earlier in the year, Austin Bradtke will wear the No.46 in 2019.

Dean Terlich was the last Melbourne player to take the field in this number and played 35 games for the club.

Full numbers list for 2019:

1 – Steven May

2 – Nathan Jones

3 – Christian Salem

4 – James Harmes

5 – Christian Petracca

6 – Jordan Lewis

7 – Jack Viney

8 – Jake Lever

9 – Charlie Spargo

10 – Angus Brayshaw

11 – Max Gawn

12 – Toby Bedford

13 – Clayton Oliver

14 – Michael Hibberd

15 – Billy Stretch

16 – Kade Kolodjashnij

17 – Sam Frost

18 – Jake Melksham

19 – Mitch Hannan

20 – Corey Maynard

21 – Braydon Preuss

22 – Aaron vandenBerg

23 – James Jordon

24 – Jay Kennedy-Harris

25 – Tom McDonald

26 – Sam Weideman

27 – Aaron Nietschke

28 – Oscar McDonald

29 – Jayden Hunt

30 – Alex Neal-Bullen

31 – Bayley Fritsch

32 – Tom Sparrow

33 – Oskar Baker

34 – Marty Hore

35 – Harry Petty

36 – Jeff Garlett

37 – Kade Chandler

38 – Tim Smith

39 – Neville Jetta

42 – Josh Wagner

43 – Guy Walker

44 – Joel Smith

45 – Declan Keilty

46 – Austin Bradtke