SIMON Goodwin has dismissed any concerns around his health as he gets back to work at training on Thursday morning.

The Melbourne coach left his weekly media conference early on Wednesday after experiencing some dizzy spells, but he was immediately assessed by the club doctor and is safe to resume his business as normal.

“Yesterday was a bit of carry on – I didn’t have a great day,” Goodwin said.

“But I had some tests – it was pretty precautionary – but I’m feeling great.

“It was nothing a good sleep and a feed and a big drink of water didn’t fix, so I’m back on track today and looking forward to the weekend.”

Goodwin was out on the training track at Casey Fields on Thursday and admitted some of his players had mocked his mishap.

“I just wasn’t feeling too well at all and [had] just a bit of a dizzy spell,” he said.

“I got a bit of a razz from the boys and obviously created some good vision, but outside of it being a little bit embarrassing, everything is fine which is great.”

Goodwin is known to be an incredibly hard worker and said his family has given him some advice after the minor hiccup.

“It’s just a little sign just to slow down a little bit,” he said.

“That’s what my wife told me, and my kids have reminded me, just to slow down, take it easy and really start to look after yourself.

“I’m feeling good today and ready to go.”

The Demons coach won’t be hindered in any way for his side’s clash with GWS at the MCG on Sunday.