THE STORY of the Santa Teresa Oval Project has now been brought to life through an interactive timeline.

The timeline, which includes a mix of videos, photos and time-lapse, allows users to engage with each phase of the project, and see the progress of the re-grassing mission.


The oval is set to be finished by the end of April, in time for a Santa Teresa Community Sports Day.

After consultation with the builder and MacDonnell Regional Council, the laying of the oval’s seed will now occur in February, rather than November, due to a forecast of above average temperatures in December and January.

The Melbourne Football Club supported this decision, as ensuring the sustainability of the oval remains a top priority.

Meanwhile, the Santa Teresa Enterprises, in collaboration with Atyenhenge Atherre Aboriginal Corporation (AAAC), has been established to utilise the knowledge and resources of the Club, to grow the revenue of local businesses.

Through this initiative, Melbourne provides local Santa Teresa businesses with professional support and expertise to assist with increasing their revenue, which will be used to financially support the requirements of the oval into the future.

Recently, the Traditional Craft store of Santa Teresa launched an online store, which is a prominent example of the initiative.

The AAAC also has a Memorandum of Understanding in place with the MacDonnell Regional Council, which ensures ongoing care of the oval.

Melbourne is continuously investigating new and sustainable water and cost saving options, to assist in this tenability, including black water treatment and recycling. This technology is rapidly evolving, which is an exciting prospect.

The Melbourne Cricket Club Foundation also continues its commitment to the project. The MCC Foundation are financially supporting the project over the next four years and have been actively involved in sharing knowledge of the groundskeepers with the Santa Teresa Oval Project committee.

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