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Pre-season update: Viney

Pre-season update | Jack Viney Jack Viney gives an update on how the playing group is tracking in the pre-season
Everyone has come back in really good condition which is a positive
Jack Viney

CO-CAPTAIN Jack Viney says the playing group has returned from the Christmas break in great condition, ready to attack the backend of the pre-season.

There was an extended holiday period this year due to an AFL Players Association agreement, and as a result the players had to increase their workload away from the club. 

“We had to work pretty hard over that three-week break to make sure we came back in good nick,” Viney told Melbourne Media.

“Dave Misson and his team gave us programs we had to follow so it wasn’t necessarily different to what we were doing in previous years, … it was just an extra week of doing the program away from the club.

“Everyone has come back in really good condition which is a positive.”

The Demons had a shorter training block than usual prior to Christmas on the back of making a preliminary final in 2019.

But Viney isn’t concerned about the shape of the group and believes they are in as strong a position as ever heading into the season.

“I think the general feeling amongst the playing group is it’s a long time pre-Christmas if you don’t play finals,” he said.

“You kind of get to Christmas and you’re pretty much hitting your peak and then you’re just holding on for the next few months waiting for games to roll around.

“But having gone that extra month into the finals campaign means we start a month later and I just feel like that’s given us a really good balance.”

Due to the late September finish last year, the rehab group has only just started reducing in size, but Viney says the fitness across the board is strong.

“I think now’s the time, it’s that three to four months post-surgery, where everyone starts to filter back into the main group.

“So that rehab group, the numbers will start dwindling which is perfect, it’s what we want.

“[It was a] bit of a slower start with the amount of surgeries that we had but they’re all starting to filter back in now.”

Personally, the 24-year-old is feeling good after battling a foot injury over the past two years.

“I’m definitely further advanced this pre-season than what I was in previous [years],” Viney said.

“I’m still in rehab but I’m starting to put consistent eight-kilometre sessions together which is really good.

“I don’t think I was even running at this point last year.

“I’m now coming up to a month of having a good solid training block which is exactly what my body needs.

“I haven’t had a consistent training load for a few years now, so I just keep ticking boxes and it’s doing the world of good for my feet and my body.”