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Tyson ready to go again

Media Conference: Dom Tyson We chat to Dom Tyson ahead of our Semi-Final Clash with Hawthorn
In the end, I’m really glad that I got up and played, because that wasn’t something I wanted to miss out on
Dom Tyson

DOM Tyson says he’s recovered well after playing last week with a plate in his forearm, after suffering a broken arm in the final round of the home and away season.

Tyson played in Melbourne’s first elimination final win over Geelong Cats at the MCG last Friday night, and is set to take on the Hawks in the first semi-final at the ‘G this Friday night, after pulling up strongly.

“The physios and doctors gave me a good chance after the Giants’ game [in round 23], where I broke my arm. The surgeon put a plate in – the length of my forearm in the left side – and then it got better every day,” he told Melbourne Media

“I had a few moments where I was touch and go, and it was a little bit sore midweek. I pulled up a bit sore from a couple of training sessions, but by the time I got to Thursday and Friday, I felt cherry ripe and ready to perform for the team.

“It’s pulled up well for me now … and I’ll be right to go again.”

Tyson had the operation on August 26 – the same day as the incident occurred – before playing again on September 7. He said the timing of it, with a bye in between the final round and finals, worked in his favour.

“I was fortunate to be able to get straight away after the game and I spent the night in hospital and then had a few days away from the club to rest up,” he said.

Tyson's arm is assessed in round 23 (Photo: Adam Trafford)

“I didn’t do my first training session until the Saturday after that [GWS] game, which was six days later and then I just did the normal Tuesday session with the boys. I then had to do a few little things again Thursday – mainly around tackling, pushing up off the ground, fend and do some stoppage stuff.

“I felt pretty good, and it wasn’t until the Tuesday before the game day on Friday that I felt realistically a chance to play. I felt good at training, and I felt strong, so I thought ‘this is going to be all right, I reckon, so let’s give it a red-hot crack’.

“In the end, I’m really glad that I got up and played, because that wasn’t something I wanted to miss out on.”

Tyson said the final tick in playing was making sure he was mentally up to the task.

“I didn’t want to let the team down or rebreak my arm or feel sore and not quite do what I wanted to do out there,” he said.

“I literally got everything done on the Tuesday to make sure I felt good and then I did a few extra fitness tests on Thursday. I got through all of that and felt strong.

“My legs feel good and we’d had 13 days off since our last game prior to that, so I thought ‘we’re right to go and let’s give it a crack’.”

Tyson said coming back from the injury so quickly gave him plenty of belief.

“The mindset, when I did injure it, was that I want to get up and try to play [in the first final against Geelong],” he said.

“The physios, doctors and surgeons all gave me a chance to play, so knowing that I had a plate in there and I probably wasn’t going to break it in the exact same spot, meant that I was right to go.

“A lot of boys have a few niggles around this time of the year, so you’re not isolated to the fact that you mightn’t be 100 per cent right, but I felt good and I was just happy I was part of that performance on Friday night.

Although Tyson said he couldn’t have asked for a better start to the finals, he knew it was important to back it up against the Hawks.

“We can take a lot of confidence out of that performance [against Geelong] for sure,” he said.

“It’ll be tough for us. They touched us up earlier in the year and they’ve been in this position before where they’ve lost a final and still won grand finals, so they’ve got experience and premiership players in that team.

“We’ve got to make sure we bring that same intensity for Friday – that tackling pressure, repeat efforts and hope that it overruns them (Hawthorn) for four quarters. They’re a really well-coached, well-drilled side and a good system team, so it’ll take our best.”