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Salem overcomes pre-Christmas setback

Pre-season update: Christian Salem Christian Salem speaks to Melbourne TV after coming off the track

HALF-BACK/midfielder Christian Salem says he’s overcome his concussion issue, which occurred pre-Christmas on an intensive three-day training camp.

Salem suffered the head knock after a brick knocked him in the back of the head, as he readjusted his backpack.

“It was a bit unfortunate. I ended up knocking myself out on a hike. I got hit in the head with a brick, so it wasn’t ideal. I remember it all. It was just unfortunate. It hit me in the wrong spot. These things happen,” he told Melbourne TV.

“I’m fine now. At the time, we were hiking and the bag wasn’t packed right and I went to lift [up the backpack] and it hit me in the back of the head as we were going downhill.

“That didn’t help, but I’m fine now and I was back to full training [on Tuesday] and I’ve pretty much been able to do everything, but the last couple of weeks there wasn’t much contact. I’m good to go now.”

Christian Salem in action on Wednesday morning during training at Gosch's Paddock (Photo: Matthew Goodrope)

Aside from his mishap on the camp, Salem said his pre-season had been positive after he suffered a setback with his thyroid last year.

“It was pretty frustrating. The first seven games I played for the season were OK, but not the best. I then got the news on my thyroid and that was having an effect on my game,” he said.

“That explains why I wasn’t playing how I wanted to play, but I missed a chunk of the year and it was just unfortunate that happened. I’ve got it all under control now, so hopefully I can move forward this year.

“Before Christmas I didn’t miss a session, so the body’s in good nick and I’m doing a lot more work with the mids this year, so it’s good and hopefully I’ll get up the ground during the season.”

Salem said he couldn’t wait to get into the season proper and play under new coach Simon Goodwin. 

“I’m extremely excited and I’m ready to play games now. I’ll head up to Queensland and then we’re right into it,” he said.

“He’s been awesome. There is a real good environment down at the club and he’s really good with the players – not only just him, but all of the assistant coaches.

“We’ve got Jordie Lewis and Hibbo (Michael Hibberd) in, so they’re great additions and the main thing for us is to get some consistency and get off to a good start to the year.

"We’re all getting along well and we’re all on the same page, so we’re all ready to get stuck into it.”