IT’S A TANTILISING future prospect for those who bleed red and blue.

A forward line consisting of three key talls: 2012 Melbourne leading goalkicking Mitch Clark, new Demon and 2010 Collingwood premiership player Chris Dawes, and outstanding young recruit Jesse Hogan.

With Clark and Dawes set to form two-thirds of the attack this year – Hogan won’t officially join Melbourne’s list until 2014 – it could still be another few years before the trio is in full swing. (It must be remembered Hogan is still only 17 years old, and doesn’t turn 18 until February).

Already, Clark is doing his utmost to help integrate the two key off-season recruits – Dawes and Hogan – into the club. He has taken Hogan into his home, and has become close with Dawes.

“It’s been good. I had Jesse living with me up until Christmas and now he’s moved in with the Vineys, so their grocery bill will be going through the roof,” Clark told with a laugh.

“I really enjoyed having Jesse with me. He’s a great kid and he’s still very raw, but he’s a hard worker and I’m sure he’ll learn as much as he can this year. I’m sure he’ll develop into something quite special in the years to come.

“Dawesy and I have actually become real close mates over the last couple of months, so that’s been really good. Hopefully we’ll get to play a lot of footy together in the years to come and build a strong partnership.”

In terms of how Clark and Dawes will work together in attack this year, the 2012 leader said it will evolve over time, given the duo have had restricted pre-seasons.

“We haven’t been on the track together yet,” Clark said.

“Unfortunately, we’ve both been stuck in the rehab group. 

“Dawesy offers a lot, having come from a very successful team in Collingwood, so when he speaks, guys do listen. He’s been a great addition, along with the other guys.”

Now in his second year with the Demons, after playing 82 matches with the Brisbane Lions from 2006-11, Clark said he was feeling much more comfortable as a Demon entering 2013.

“The players know me a lot better and I know how they tick a bit better. That’s how my leadership has continued to improve, so I need to keep offering myself -whereas last year, I was just trying to gain the respect of the group,” he said.

“I let the guys know how I work, and I’m trying to learn how they work at the same time. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I definitely feel a bit more comfortable around the guys.

“I’m also trying to build the relationships with the newer guys, who have come in to the club, because I was in their position 12 months ago. I can either help them with that or just get to know them.”

Clark said Dawes and other senior recruits like David Rodan and Shannon Byrnes had already started to make their impact felt at the club.    

“Most of those guys have been around for a fair while now, so they know how footy works. They know what it takes to get ready, so that’s a bonus,” he said.

“The older guys know what’s expected, and it’s just getting across to them how we do things as a footy club.

“They’ve picked that up really quickly and most of those guys are starting to drive those standards already.”