In a wet and gloomy match at Genis Steel Oval, the Casey Demons emerged victorious over the Northern Bullants with a final score of 75 to 47.

The Bullants struck first, but Casey quickly responded through Harvey Neocleous, setting the tone for a fiercely contested game. The first half was a goal-for-goal battle, with the teams tied at 38 each going into the main break.

The weather worsened in the second quarter, with heavy rain making the play messy. 

Shane McAdam had an exceptional afternoon. The wet weather was no obstacle for him as he snagged three goals. One of his goals came from a high-flying, one-handed mark, highlighting his aerial skill and determination.

Bailey Laurie was a dominant force in the centre of the field, racking up 23 disposals, laying ten tackles, and securing five clearances. His relentless effort and presence in the midfield were crucial in the challenging conditions.

Blake Howes also had a significant impact, collecting 22 disposals and 17 kicks, demonstrating his adaptability and skill.

Tom Fullarton was instrumental in the ruck, achieving 29 hitouts and 20 disposals. His performance in the ruck battles gave Casey the upper hand, giving their midfielders ample opportunities to gain possession.

Kynan Brown, despite playing at the Gabba less than 19 hours prior, displayed impressive stamina and commitment. He finished the game with 20 disposals, 15 kicks, six tackles, and four clearances, proving to be a key player throughout the match.

Jack Billings had a solid performance, contributing a goal and making his presence felt in both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game. His goal in the second quarter was pivotal in regaining the lead for Casey during a challenging period.

The third quarter tested Casey's accuracy as they scored just one goal to six behinds. However, their defence was resolute, preventing the Bullants from capitalising on their opportunities.

Ollie Sestan's back-to-back goals at the start of the fourth quarter were crucial, giving Casey the momentum they needed to see the finish line.

Matt Jefferson also contributed his second goal, further solidifying Casey's lead. Shane McAdam sealed the Bullants’ fate with the final goal of the game, ensuring Casey brought home four points.

Casey’s efficiency in marking was a key factor in their victory, recording 79 marks compared to the Bullants' 34. This superior control and handling in the wet conditions gave Casey a significant advantage throughout the match.

Looking ahead, Casey will face Brisbane at the Brighton Homes Arena in Ipswich next Saturday. Casey will be looking to bring this momentum with them to Brisbane and continue improving their performance.


Northern Bullants | 4.1 6.2 6.3 7.5 (47)

Casey Demons | 3.3 5.8 6.14 10.15 (75)


Goals | 3 McAdam, 2 Sestan, Jefferson, 1 Schache, Neocleous, Billings,

Key Players | 23 Laurie, 22 Howes, 20 Fullarton, Brown, 19 Billings

Next Game | V Brisbane @ Brighton Homes Arena, Ipswich 1:05 PM Saturday 6 July