IN A Round 8 clash against Essendon at Windy Hill on Saturday morning, the Casey Demons faced a formidable challenge, ultimately succumbing to Essendon's dominance. 

The final scoreline read Essendon 10.7 (67) to Casey Demons 4.2 (26), reflecting the tough battle that unfolded on the field.

The first half saw Essendon asserting their authority, with Casey struggling to find their rhythm. Essendon capitalised on their home-ground advantage, showcasing their skill and precision to lead at the halftime break.

However, the Casey Demons rallied in the third quarter, mounting a spirited comeback. They managed to stifle Essendon's scoring opportunities while finding their rhythm in attack. 

This resurgence was ignited by Niamh O'Neill, whose goal in the second quarter injected much-needed energy into the Casey side.

Meg Macdonald stood tall in the midfield, amassing an impressive 20 disposals for the match. Her tireless work rate and composure under pressure provided the Demons with a crucial link between defence and attack.

Jo Lin emerged as a beacon of inspiration for Casey, showcasing her tenacity and creativity throughout the match. Despite the result, Lin's relentless efforts around the ball culminated in a well-deserved goal, providing a spark for the Dees.

Emma Horne contributed a crucial goal for Casey, demonstrating her ability to impact the scoreboard when it mattered most. However, despite their best efforts, Casey found themselves unable to fully counter Essendon's relentless attacks.

Siobhan Sheerin showcased her goal-scoring skill, snapping a quick goal in the third quarter to provide a glimmer of hope for the Demons. 

Meanwhile, Grace Hill was a pillar of strength in the half-back role, showcasing her defensive abilities with 17 disposals and 14 kicks.

Kasey Phillips displayed her skills with 12 disposals and eight tackles, while Ally Kirkwood and Sammie Johnson also made valuable contributions with 12 and 13 disposals, respectively.

Although the result didn't go Casey's way, the Demons displayed resilience and fighting spirit throughout the match. The team will regroup and look to bounce back in their next fixture against Brisbane back on home turf at Casey Fields.

Essendon | 1.2 6.3 7.6 10.7 (67)
Casey Demons | 0.2 1.2 4.2 4.2 (26)

Goals | 1 O'Neill, Sheerin, Lin Horne
Key Players | 20 Macdonald, 17 Hill, 13 S.Johnson, 12 Phillips, Kirkwood
Next Game | V Brisbane @ Casey Fields, Saturday 18 May 2024