Round 4 of the Rebel VFLW saw Casey win its second game after keeping their foot down for all four quarters against Port Melbourne.

In a standout performance on her birthday, Alyssa Bannan proved a formidable force for the Casey Demons, delivering two crucial goals to help secure victory.

Bannan's clinical finishing and ability to impact the game in key moments showcased her importance to the Demons' offensive strategy, with her contributions proving decisive in shaping the match's outcome.

Georgia Gall also emerged as a pivotal figure for the Casey Demons, showcasing her skill and grit with a crucial goal in the second quarter. Her ability to find space and relentless work rate epitomised the Dees' fighting spirit.

In the midfield, Sarah Lampard and Tyla Burn demonstrated their class and influence with impressive displays, accumulating 27 and 25 disposals throughout the match.

Lampard's commanding presence and ability to find space allowed her to consistently win possession and distribute the ball with precision, dictating the tempo of play for Casey.

Meanwhile, Burn showcased her work rate and willpower, tirelessly covering ground to provide valuable support both defensively and offensively.

Olivia Morris made her presence felt with an impactful performance punctuated by her first-ever VFLW goal.

Niamh O'Neill provided a dominating presence, securing two goals of her own. Her ability to intercept the ball in the forward 50 and convert scoring opportunities highlighted her versatility and impact on the game. O'Neill's tenacity and drive to make an impact were evident throughout the match.

Dayna Smith showcased her talent and resilience with a timely response to Port Melbourne's goal in the fourth term. Highlighting her ability to step up in pressured situations and deliver for her team when it matters most.

Casey's comprehensive performance secured them a well-deserved victory, with the final scoreboard reading Casey Demons 8.4 (52) to Port Melbourne 4.5 (29). The Demons showcased their depth and determination, setting the stage for an exciting clash against Sydney at Blacktown ISP next Saturday.


Casey Demons | 0.1 3.2 6.3 8.4 (52)

Port Melbourne | 0.1 0.4 2.4 4.5 (29)


Goals | 2 Bannan, O’Neill, 1 Gall, Mitchell, Morris, Smith

Key Players | 27 Lampard, 25 Burn, 22 Lin, Macdonald, 18 Wotherspoon

Next Game | V Sydney @ Blacktown ISP, 1:05 PM Saturday 20 April