This weekend, Melbourne will celebrate a heart and soul player of the Demon outfit for over 12 years.

Jack Viney will run out in the red and blue for the 200th time on Saturday when Melbourne faces Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.

He first signed with the club in 2010 at the age of 16 as part of the father-son rule, ensuring he would be drafted by Melbourne officially in 2012, with his dad Todd Viney having played 233 games during his time within the AFL.  

Throughout his time at the club, Jack has become an integral member of the AFL program, helping steer the club to its drought-breaking premiership in 2021.

To celebrate Jack and his 200-game milestone, Max Gawn, long time teammate and friend, sat down to reflect with Jack on his career to date.  


The Viney legacy

“I have a massive sense of pride about doing this alongside my dad,” Viney said.

“I looked up to my dad as a young tacker and was proud of what he was able to achieve in his career and also the legacy he left here at the Melbourne Football Club.

“For me to be able to chip away and add to that [legacy], is something that I’m more proud of than my own personal career.

“To hit some milestones under the Viney name is something that I do appreciate and I’m quite proud of.”

Overcoming adversity

“If you asked me at the start of my career about a 200-game milestone, I probably would’ve thought it was going to be an easy going, no worries, I’ll get there,” Viney said.  

“But, sitting here now, having been through some adversity, whether that be with my body, or form, or the team, I certainly feel very proud of the last 200 games.

“It hasn’t been as smooth sailing as I thought it would’ve been as an arrogant 18-year-old.

"Coming into the middle part of my career, I had some trouble with injuries.

"It was one of the most challenging periods for myself, when my body wasn't allowing me to fulfil my dreams and tap into my potential. 

"But, touch wood, the body has been good for two or three years now and I enjoy training and playing again."

Career achievements

“I got to the club, and it’s obviously been well documented that we weren’t very good, we’ve been through some challenges," Viney said. 

“To stick it out and see the journey that we’ve all been on - the highs of the flag in 2021 and the last few years, finishing top four and being genuine contenders – it’s something that I’ve enjoyed immensely and I’m extremely excited about what the future has to offer.

"Finals footy is magic, any final. I think back to 2018...we'd just come off six wins in a row and then we rock up to our first final at the 'G, it's packed, we're playing Geelong, a real powerhouse and we end up beating them...that whole experience, the joy of football was super exciting."

Max on Jack 

“Congratulations, it's been an incredible 200 games, I've loved playing with you," Gawn said. 

"You are easily the best teammate anyone could ask for, both on and off the field. 

"So, hopefully it's another 100 to come and we'll win this milestone game for you."