MELBOURNE coach Simon Goodwin has reiterated the AFL's illicit drugs policy is one implemented by the AFL and the AFL Players Association, and his own knowledge of it is limited by the confidentiality measures in place to protect the players involved. 

Goodwin also gave updates on defensive pillars May and Lever, as well as talking all things Jack Viney ahead of Game 200.

The Power and Harrison Petty were also topics of discussion as the media joined Goodwin at Casey Fields.

On AFL Illicit Drugs Policy

"This policy is an AFL policy. It's an AFLPA policy, and it's led by a medical model," Goodwin said.

"I just back in the process of what the policy is and these are questions you're going to have to ask the AFL.

"I haven't got a line of sight on what that policy looks like. So, I understand the policy, but I don't get the information that people would expect to get."

Lever's Chances to Face the Power

"We're really confident he'll play," Goodwin said.

"He'll train today. We're really confident he'll be able to get through that session and be available for this week.

"That's exciting for our club after the weekend, where there's a bit of doom and gloom about having, you know, two key defensive pillars out."

May Up and Running

"He's tough. I'm sure if he runs today and he runs well, he'll be knocking on the door saying put me in," Goodwin said.

"Anyone that has had a crack in their ribs would understand that they're painful, you know, sneezing, coughing, you know, laughing.

"All those things can cause you a fair bit of grief. But once you can tolerate the pain, they are things that lots of players have played with previously, we certainly won't be silly in that space."

Viney 200 Time

"He's everything that we want from a Demon Spirit perspective," Goodwin said.

"When Jack came to the club, we needed a group of players that were highly competitive, and he just led the charge on that.

"He's probably the most competitive person I've met. He typifies everything we want. And to me, he's helped grow this club significantly in the last ten years.

"In terms of helping shape our culture and shape, the way we're seen as a footy club, he's had as much impact as anyone at our footy club."

Will Petty Play in Defence?

"We've got some options," Goodwin said.

"Adam Tomlinson has played some solid footy. Marty Hore plays tall as well.

We've got some options in the back half of the ground. Harrison is one of those players that you'd love two of him at either end of the ground."

Playing Port Adelaide

"They are as of a dynamic a side as any, so we know what we’re up against," Goodwin said.

"Their midfield’s incredibly talented. They've got three big forwards that mark the ball. It's going to be a great game.

"I think every game that we've played against Port Adelaide over the last three or four years has been highly contested and very tight games. So we're expecting nothing different. It's going to be a cracker."