Despite a lacklustre performance from Casey that left a lot to be desired, the Demons have now won four games in a row as they defeated Coburg 7.11 53 to 13.17 95.

Casey haven’t won four games in a row since the opening four rounds of the season and the reigning premiers look to be finding their feet right when the results begin to count the most.

With the top of the table starting to take shape the win over Coburg was the first step in breaking into a competitive top 4.

The first ten minutes of the game at Piranha Park were a cagey and messy affair.

Casey applying plenty of pressure for no reward.

Coburg, having not won a game this season, were soaking up the constant bombardment of long aerial balls from the Cassy midfield and half back line.

Matthew Jefferson, Josh Schache and Brodie Grundy certainly gave the Lions defenders a handful in the contest.

When they did gather the ball, Coburg looked to break hard and fast through the corridor, catching the Demons half backs high up the field.

Casey began to hit the scoreboard once they settled into the match, however inaccurate goal kicking limited the impact on the match.

In the second term, Coburg’s characteristic slingshot football started to cause havoc for the Demons defenders as they found themselves constantly exposed out the back.

There were only so many times the Casey back men could intercept the ball at the half back line and keep the Lions at bay.

A slightly more accurate quarter from the away side saw Grundy and Jefferson finally kick their first majors of the match.

A 35-point lead at the main break was somewhat underwhelming for the Demons.

The third quarter saw Casey dominate possession of the ball.

This was due to the team, as a collective, beginning to find more space as the Coburg players started to fatigue.

The home side didn’t want to let a slight opportunity to pounce on the reigning premiers slide and they continued to hunt the ball carrier as hard as they could.

The defensive pressure from the Lions saw skill errors creep into the Demons game and result in costly turnovers and goals.

3.3 to 3.4 for the quarter as the game remained in a stalemate for the third term.

As the fourth period got underway, Charlie Spargo really began to impose himself on proceedings.

Ending the game with 19 disposals, two goals and three clearances, Charlie was hard to miss, especially in the last term.

That goes without mentioning Luke Dunstan who once again was the engine of the Casey midfield.

40 disposals, five tackles and five clearances for the midfielder, was capped off with a stunning, quick one-two with George Grey.

The match slowly ended with Casey comfortably winning in the end by 42-points.

The Demons expected more of themselves and believed they could have taken more out of the game but will certainly take the four points.

“There’s no limit for this team, we want the flag again” said George Grey post-match.

“I think today there wasn’t enough synergy between the forwards and mids, but we will certainly continue to work on that and improve throughout the week”.

Casey faces another potential finals contender in Williamstown next week and will be on the hunt for their best form all season as they search for win number five in a row.

The win would see Casey statistically be in their best form since they went on that unbelievable 17 game win streak last season.


CASEY: 3.6  8.9  11.13  13.17 (95)

COBURG: 0.2  3.4  6.7  7.11 (53)


BEST: Dunstan, Adams, Munro, Jefferson, D.Smith, Harmes

GOALS: 2 Spargo, Schache, Jefferson, 1 Sestan, Munro, Moniz-Wakefield, Grundy, Grey, Edwards, Dunstan

DISPOSALS: 40 Dunstan, 33 Harmes, 30 Hibberd, 24 Munro, 22 Deakyn Smith