WHEN a 12-year-old girl travelled three hours to Casey Fields on Wednesday morning, the Demons were shown some true perspective.

While they were out running around at training, Sienna – a massive fan of the red and blue – was confined to a wheelchair on the sidelines.

Sienna lives with juvenile arthritis in most joints and her jaw, while dealing with chronic pain and fatigue on a daily basis.

Since she was two weeks old, Sienna has had her foot in a brace, and she has lived her life with spinal abnormalities.

Every weekend, the Dees bring a smile to her face, so coach Simon Goodwin took the opportunity to introduce her to the playing group, and pulled her favourite player, Kysaiah Pickett, aside for a chat.

Take a look at Sienna’s day at the club below:

For the duration of Sir Doug Nicholls Round, Melbourne Football Club will be rebranded and referred to as the Narrm Football Club.