DURING Round 14, the MCG will once again become a sea of blue, all in the name of Fight MND.

The league’s eighth annual ‘Big Freeze’ match, which highlights club great Neale Daniher AO and his fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND), will officially make its return to the home of football on Monday 13th June.

The Queen’s Birthday event is one of the biggest on the football calendar and sees the AFL community come together to help raise funds and awareness for Fight MND.

On Wednesday morning, the annual event was kicked off with the launch of the iconic Big Freeze 8 beanies, which have taken on a new 2022 design in preparation for the match. 

Daniher, Fight MND Patron and co-founder, is calling on all Australians to Beanie On, Play On, and help lead the fight against this ‘Beast’ of a disease.

“As the Beast takes away my ability to be the voice of this fight, this year, more than ever, I’m calling on everyone to come together, play on and help lead the fight against MND – with actions, not words,” Daniher said.

“MND is relentless, but so are we. By proudly wearing a Big Freeze beanie, you’re joining an unstoppable army, united in their determination to fight back and marching as one towards a cure.

“Together I know we can defeat this Beast. It’s time to Beanie On, Play on.”

The game will see Collingwood face Melbourne at 3:20pm (AEST), with the much-loved March to ‘G making its return alongside the fan-favourite slide, as willing individuals prepare to take the icy plunge in support of the day.

The famous beanies are now available to be purchased nationally, with proceeds going towards research and initiatives to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for MND.

The Big Freeze 8 beanies are available from your local Coles, Coles Express, Bunnings or via the FightMND website.  


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It's time to Beanie On, Play On | Big Freeze 8

As MND takes away Neale Daniher's ability to be the voice of this fight - it's time to come together, play on and lead this fight - with actions, not words in this year's annual 'Big Freeze' match.

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