ON THE EVE of the 2022 NAB AFLW season, Melbourne has welcomed the increased support of Major Partner Furphy.

Extending on sponsorship of the AFL side, the new deal will see the Furphy logo proudly positioned on the top back of the women’s guernsey for the upcoming season, in what is a first for the Demons’ AFLW team.

It follows Furphy’s two-year extension of the club, which has previously been centred around the men’s program.

Lion’s Chief Marketing Officer Anubha Sahasrabuddhe said it was an important move to make ahead of another exciting season for the red and blue.

“From where we sit, it’s only fair that AFL and AFLW clubs get the same recognition,” she said.

“We know that Furphy is a beer for everyone to enjoy – that’s the same when it comes to footy.

“Anyone who’s seen a game of AFLW knows how captivating and electric the competition is. In just five seasons, these players have become role models across the Australian community.

“Not only are they inspiring a new generation of fans and a new generation of players, but they’re also promoting a footy culture that is even more inclusive.

“While we have a long way to go in closing the gender pay gap on the footy field, we want to do out bit to show we think the competitions stand side by side.”

Furphy first joined forces with Melbourne in 2020, showing great support of the club throughout challenging and unprecedented times.

The new-look guernsey will get its first run on Saturday night, when the Demons kick off their 2022 AFLW campaign against the Western Bulldogs at VU Whitten Oval.

To learn more about Furphy, visit furphybeer.com.au/.