AS THE second night of the 2021 NAB AFL Draft came to close, Melbourne had three new names to add to its list in Jacob van Rooyen, Blake Howes and Taj Woewodin.

We caught up with Melbourne's National Recruiting Manager Jason Taylor to get an insight into each draftee's game. 

Jacob van Rooyen - Pick No.19 | Dandenong Stingrays 

"He's a really competitive player," Taylor told Melbourne Media

"His contest in the air and at ground level is really strong. That's the way we play and the way we like our key forwards to play and our key defenders to play. Jacob has been able to demonstrate that in both areas of the ground.

"He's a really good character and has really good leadership which was also an attraction.

"We're looking at Jacob as a key forward, but the reality is that he's played as a key forward at Colts level and at Claremont senior level, but he did play as a key defender at national level and he showed he can played in both areas."

Blake Howes - Pick No.39 | Claremont Tigers 

"He played forward in the U16 championships, and he did that really well. His aerial game is his ace, so we know he can do that," Taylor said. 

"He has played behind the ball as a half-back and you speak to his coaches and the people who have been involved with him and they think that is potentially his best position. 

"Having watched him live on the wing on occasions this year, I felt his last two games there he really started to get going. I'd like to think we'd put him on the wing and in the midfield and see him develop there initially." 

Taj Woewodin - Pick No.65 | East Fremantle Sharks 

"Like all players, particularly with a father-son [selection] like Taj, we're tracking him really tightly," Taylor said.

"So, what's been really pleasing with Taj is his ability to improve on little facets of his game that we know he's trying to improve on. That's a really good sign, for anyone in life, but certainly in football. 

"It's a great indicator for us that he's putting time and effort into his game, and that's all we can really ask.

"Because of that we feel Taj will be someone who can complement our program, because he'll come in everyday and try and get better. They're the type of people we need to keep bringing in." 

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